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I Thank God for His Mercy and Grace

I thank God for his mercy and grace, his love for me. All that I canít see I  would have probably given up on myself a long time ago (if I were God),but Jesus must have seen something in me. I had walked on Jesusí grace and mercy and took advantage of his goodness. I guess thinking way back in my mind that Jesus would always want me, even when I myself didnít want him. You see the Bible says Jesus will never leave us nor forsake us, I was drawn away by the lust of the world.

When I took my eyes of Jesus, I was so miserable with my life. I went through many bad things, but the one thing I will never forget was in August of í98. I looked down at my precious dad lying in Raulerson Hospital on a respirator. My mom went to visit him after he had his kidney removed and found him dead. I say this to try to explain the place I was trapped in, and could not get out of. I could not even ask GOD to spare my dad. I wanted to pray but I could not find the words. I didnít know what to say. This is when I started to see that I had a problem. The Lord did touch my dad and done a miracle for us,(I will tell you about latter on.) but to this day I wander why. We were all backsliders. My dad had been talking to Jesus for 1 or 2 months before he went into the hospital. But I do believe that there are people at Freewill Mission Church that have Godís attention. I believe that when you get in trouble and need to hear from God you should find someone too help you pray till you get your answer. I want to thank GOD for this little country church, and the love and peace you can feel when walk threw the doors.

I started going to  church every once in a while with mom and dad, but would only leave mad, mean, and nasty. I donít know why, but I was afraid because I wanted to change. I wanted Jesus. I was so sick of my life I wanted to die. By this point, I knew that Jesus didnít want me. I started telling myself that Hell would not be too bad. I would come to church, but couldnít feel anything, not even the pull to the alter, and I would go home crying because I know what Iíve done. I knew that I hurt Jesus so much with my backslidings that He just didnít hear me. I was about to lose my mind. This went on for months. I would call my mom and try to explain to her that God didnít want me anymore. She would tell me to go to the camp meetings they were having up North and that she would watch the kids. But I would tell my mom that if God wonít hear me here, He wonít here me there. I had given up. The thought of hurting Jesus that much tormented my mind. Jesus turning His back on me the way I turned my back on Him so many times. My mind was tormented to the point that I could not find any more reasons for living. Yes, sure I have kids and the best husband a woman could ask for. I love them very much, but what I needed they couldnít give me. Money and all this worldís pleasures could not fill the emptiness. I think maybe I could relate to how Judas felt after betraying Jesus. I believe he killed himself because he felt worse than bad for what he had done. I also decided one night that I couldnít take it anymore if Jesus didnít want me. I was going to Hell one way or the other. So I was going to take my life that night to end the torment that I was going through.

I called Sister Rachel to talk to her for the last time. I remember telling her that God didnít want me anymore. I was going through something I couldnít explain other than I wanted Jesus and that Jesus didnít want me. But I asked Sister Rachel and Brother Tom if they would pray for me at that time. They didnít know that it was the last time. When we hung up the phone, I was going to kill myself. They started to pray and for the first time in about a year I felt something rush over me from the top of my head to the soles of my feet. I was able to pray in my heart. I felt forgiven for being disobedient and hurting my Jesus. You can turn the Lord against you by backsliding and being disobedient to Him. And using God to heal your body and your finances, then after you get what you need you go your way. I personally know God is not happy with this. He can turn His back on you and leave you there to see what your life could be like if you couldnít have Him. You donít ever want to relive this. But I donít want to ever forget where God brought me from. So Iím thankful for so much that Godís done for me. He saved my life and my soul. I love you all. Please pray for me and my family.

Thank you,

By Tammy Gibson.


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