I thank God for the first visitation of seeing Jesus face to face. When God invades your world with power all of a sudden like He did with me that evening, you realize how little control you have over your life and how small you are compared to God. You are pinned to the wall […]


This is part two of my new series called ‘My visitations from God’. I have had three major experiences that greatly impacted my life and this series consists of these three experiences though I have had multiple experiences in the presence of God. Each of these experiences reveal something about God or teach us a […]


In this article I will focus on my first visitation of Jesus, but there are three major visitations that have strongly marked my life. I did not feel until now that I could share these experiences except with a few people, but now it’s the time to share them publicly. There is a time and […]

Testimony of Tom Tracy – seeing Jesus

My name is Tom. My wife Sue and I go out to dinner a lot, she is usually to tired to cook from her hard job as an aid in an old age facility. When we came home from dinner one night, it was getting dark  when we let the dogs out,  and I always […]

Tom Doyle Speaks about Muslims Seeing Jesus

Many muslims are now having dreams and visions of Jesus. The overwhelming presence and revelation of Jesus is opening their hearts to His claim to be the One they must follow in order to have Eternal Life. We are living in days when many muslims are turning to Christ because of Jesus Christ Himself and […]

Vision Of Jesus

During the month of June 2012, I wanted to know Jesus. I attended prayer at Hope Alliance Church. There I asked to be prayed over because I was very confused as to why people made me to eel like I was loosing my mind because all I wanted to talk about was Jesus.

Prophetic Dream Concerning America

"A Recent Dream: Prophetic Warning to America, from an Apostolic Pastor"
by Vicki O'Neal on Friday, February 24, 2012 at 6:52am ·
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The True Meaning of Servanthood

At the age of 40, God showed me the true meaning of Servanthood.

Real Visions of Jesus

Let me start off telling you that I have always believed in God though I never went to church. I cant say that I really knew who Jesus was. Since january of 2012 I wanted the God apart of my life. I started going to church. The beginning of June I went to prayer. I didnt know how to pray. This was all new to me. The pastor had decided that those who needed prayer would sit in the center of the circle we had formed with our chairs. There was about 8 or 9 of us there. One first guy who needed prayer because of his arthritis was in the center of the circle.

Testimony of Heaven & Hell & the Condition of Today’s Church – by Rodolfo Acevedo

Evangelist Rofoldo Acevedo was taken to Heaven & Hell by Jesus and told to testify of what he saw. It is quite an amazing testimony. In short, he was shown what happens in Hell to prostitutes, abortionists, unfaithful ministers, and saw the Jehovah’s Witnesses founder in torment. In Heaven he saw: the bridal dress, wedding supper, crowns, and shares the urgent call to preach the right message. He was also told the condition of today’s church with some unfaithful ministers, idolatry, unholy acts and unholy music in the church, and also saw the faithful holy remnant in the church.

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