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Michael FackerellAs the site founder, I’d like to let you know a little about myself. My name is Michael Fackerell and I am married to Marilena Fackerell. We married in 1994 while I was a church planting missionary in Bucharest, Romania. God has now blessed us with two lovely daughters – Lisa and Christina.  

We are believers in Jesus Christ and the power of the gospel, called to know Jesus Christ and make Him known to others.

This website was a project undertaken with God’s blessing to enable reaching more people with important truth. The site has reached millions of people since it was founded in 1997, and finally moved to the current domain in 2000.

Currently we are located in Brisbane, Australia. Since 2017 I have been working as a relief teacher to support my family, but I would love to be financially free to travel and preach the gospel – especially to the poor. We are interested in all forms of media outreach, evangelism and in church planting that results in churches where people aim to be true in their hearts to the Lord Jesus Christ, who certainly deserves our loyalty. If you live in South East Queensland we’d love to meet you some time.

You can find Christian-faith.com on Facebook here . Otherwise, you can contact us personally on Facebook for Michael or Facebook for Marilena. Alternatively you can email us at testimonies @ christian-faith.com . To learn more about us, including our testimonies and the articles we wrote, please see these links


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  1. Solly Masilo says:

    Thank you Michael for this website. My wife and I were thirsty for word based teachings. This is what we have been looking for. May the Good Lord increase you more and more

  2. Alfredm says:

    God Save Eric McDonald!!!!

    Prayer Request:
    Please pray for Eric McDonald-Pray for his salvation.Pray that God’s love will heal Eric’s heart, Eric’s mind and Eric’s soul.Pray for God’s BEST for Eric.Eric suffers from mental and emotion serious problems.He needs real help.We do not know where he is now nor how he may be….We are concerned about his future.
    He needs to meet real christian friends that will help and encouragement…
    He needs to find a GOOD Church where he can find a christian home and friends.
    He needs a GOOD pastor to teach him…
    He has been suffered and hurt him from childhood.
    Pray God will teach Eric to be filled with happiness , joy, peace, and hope.
    Eric needs to be part of a good church-a place of prayer and faith!!!
    Pray for a miracle healing in his heart, soul, spirit, and life.
    Pray for experience of forgiveness and the grace to forgive those that hurt him.
    He needs to be free from bitterness danger…

    Please stand with Eric;pray he can and will be able to go home a new man in Christ…
    Pray all demonic attacks will be broken forever.
    I want Eric to see his Savior, Lord, Redeemer, Friend, and Helper!!!!


    Thank You,
    Alfred O Brown Jr

  3. We found Christine’s testimony, At the Mercy Seat of God on your website and would love to include it in our discipleship book, Your New Life Journey.

    At RealDeal we develop Bible-based, culturally relevant material to assist those who committed their lives to Jesus in growing close in a personal relationship with Him.

    We address various topics from salvation and the purpose of life to hearing God’s voice, identity and His plan for your life.

    You are welcome to visit our website (URL below) for more information or ask me any questions.

    Thank you for sharing these stories! Kindly let me know if it is possible to use the shortened version of the one mentioned above as a message of encouragement in our chapter on salvation.

    Best regards,


  4. Robert Andrews says:

    Michael I am in Gold coast Sat 3-10 ministering Sun 11th @ 5.30PM The River church TE Peters drive Broadbeach.
    Be wonderful to meet up if you’re around. Rob Andrews Romania 1994

  5. Hello I would like to be present in online meetings and prayers. How can this be done?

  6. Dear Michael and Marilena, Just a question. Do you believe a Church or any Church should persue starting discipleship training before starting training for a class on a salvation plan? Both are very important i the kingdom. Thank you nay God continue to Bless your ministry. In His Service Only, Joe B.

  7. Robert Edwards says:

    Hi i have written my testimony, can I send you a copy for you to consider putting it on your site.

  8. Ashley E.H. says:

    Awesome. I completely agree with what you’re doing. But I have ONE problem with you: you put down suicidal ideation as only constant thinking about suicide. That’s inaccurate. It’s more than just constant thinking about suicide. It can be a fleeting thought. GOD bless you always.

  9. Hi,

    I’ve seen various websites on the internet mention that different infirmities can be planted through witchcraft and black magic, even tumours. Are regular tumours different from planted tumours? Witchcraft can attack every area of a person’s life – spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally. Is this correct? Could you please provide more information?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Lilian,

      There is natural sickness which happens through the broken world we live in or simply not caring of our bodies and there can be demonic sickness which can be due to black magic or other demonic oppression that comes our way. No matter what it is, God can set you free from any sickness. In some cases Jesus had to cast a demon out in order to realize a healing and in other occasions He just said: Be healed and people were healed. If you are sick yourself, I suggest seek a healing ministry where people can pray for you. If you let us know which city and country you are from, we might be able to guide you towards some ministries we are aware of in the healing ministry. May God bless you, deliver you and heal you In Jesus’ Name Amen.

    • ACTS 2 V 38 says:

      Yes It does! unless people they are saved and born again who are prayer worrier. Where I came from it’s very common that people worship witchcraft’s, wizard, and I have seen where people being victims from witchcraft’s sickness to death. The only peoples who can defeat this wicket spirit is peoples who are baptize Jesus name and filled with the holy spirit.

  10. Jonathan says:

    Your faith is suffering link isn’t working. Under your testimonies. The only and exact link I need isnt working.

    • Hi Jonathan,

      I am so sorry for the problem with the link. We will try to fix it as soon as we can. Can I help you in any way? I get it from your message that you might be having some faith struggles? If yes, you are speaking to the right person, because I have been there too and I totally understand what you can go through when you are there, it’s awful. Feel free to communicate with me, you can email me at marilenafackerell@gmail.com if you want and we can speak about your issues. Though things can seem discouraging, confusion and dark at times, it doesn’t mean there is no way out. Jesus has an escape for you. In Christ’s Love Marilena

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