Free at Last

Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.
John 8:36 (NKJ)

Hi, I’m Eric. On a lucky day in 1973, in Bremerton, Washington, I cost my parents five bucks when I came into the world. Being in the military does have its benefits, I guess.

My parents raised me in the way I should go, but sometimes we don’t all feel like going the way we’re told. In 1979, we moved up to Alaska, and we stayed there until 1989. Then, my parents decided to sell their house, and we moved to Vancouver, Washington.

Jesus broke the chains of my meth addiction!

Praise Jesus! He is alive! He is present! He will never turn His back on His sheep, even when we are lost and gone astray from His holiness.

the need For Jesus Christ in my life and the redemption of my soul.

to all who are the followers of JESUS CHRIST AND THE ONE TRUE GOD,HIS FATHER IN HEAVEN I ASK FOR YOUR PRAYERS TO DEFEAT THIS demon or demons that have for so long ruined my life with a drug addiction I can no longer live with and to deliver me from this.

Valerie’s Testimony of Deliverance and Healing and going through the fires with JESUS by my side! Part 1

My dear Brothers and Sisters: When I came to know the LORD 24 years ago, I remember the first 6 years I was just on fire for the LORD and filled with HIS SPIRIT. It is almost like the honeymoon phase as we are just getting to know about our LORD. But, there comes a time when the LORD wants us to get of the milk of the word and start eating the meat of the word. Now, this is where we will be faced with every lie and attack of the enemy of our souls. This is a spiritual war that we are in.

The Fools Says There Is No God!!Transformation From Drugs.

Hey everywhere,anywhere,anytime i am busy SMOKING.Since i accepted Jesus Christ and said no to sin i have said no to drugs and i encountered many good opportunities..first and foremost God has united my family.for so long after i completed my college 6yrs ago.There has been evil interfearance between me and my home..No luv found for me.I couldnt stay aday without smoking the strong weed or drink alcohol or both.His spirit live in me so safe now thank you family has accepted me and no longer talk evil about me.My bad companies refused to come closer cos they feel the hot fire from heav


First of all i want to tell you,that i can make a lot of mistake while writing,because im Albanian,from Kosovo.
Everything Happened when i started high school,first year.In High School i met a friend ,who looked to be a really good friend! I started to stay with him a lot,we were out for coffee everyday and stuffs like this.
But i had a problem.I could not concentrate in “learning“,and one day my friend told me“Lirik,i think i have the cure for you“,and i was like“What is that?“Than He said“Marihuana“,i was like“Hell no!`

Instantly Delivered from Drug Addiction – Anothy Clinton

This is the amazing story of Anthony Clinton, a personal friend of the site author. He here tells his story of his deliverance from drug addiction, a violent lifestyle and many other things.

my ascent out of the pits of hell

hello everyone: my name is misslady and i am new to this site. i would like to share my testimony because my god is so good, and it means so much to me that he did this for me. you see, i once was involved in drugs and alcohol. i used drugs and alcohol everyday of my life, and i would lie to get money to make sure i had my fix for the day. i lost a lot of weight, so much that i could not stand to look at myself in the mirror. i was miserable, i mean really miserable everyday of my life.

Justin Lippiatt video testimony – deliverance from Alcoholism

I met a angel face down on a dirty nightclub bathroom floor !

I am a living walking breathing testimony of how GOD can change a life

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