I thank God for the first visitation of seeing Jesus face to face. When God invades your world with power all of a sudden like He did with me that evening, you realize how little control you have over your life and how small you are compared to God. You are pinned to the wall […]

My Conversion via Bible Study

Bible Study

by Bing Chang

Graduation caps in air; laminated plaques on wall
Inflated the airs I put on; contemptuous eyes cast down on people.
Status garnered on the job; authority expanded through ranks I rose
Further pumped my bulging pride, slanting up my pompous nose.
My small mind trapped in self-confidence turned blind.
My poor intellect, soaked in complacent senses, became confined.

Agnostic me, pushing nonsense arguments in church like a pest
Annoyed a lady who asked me if I had read the Bible in earnest.
She was the angel who touched my unconscious spirit.

Demon hunter

I am 61 years young and have been destined to write a book on demonology. This is now in the process. I am a full flegged baptism in the spirit Christian. I believe totaly in baptism in Jesus name and I am totally ready to back this up to anyone. I have been married for 39 years to the same beautiful woman and love her with all my heart.

God’s faithfulness

Whenever I look back, I remember how far you’ve taken me to. In a land where I had nobody to call my own, you stood by me. You’ve given me many reasons to laugh amidst many. I am what I am because your mercies had kept. I’ve seen your faithfulness in all ramification of life. You are a faithful God.

Redeemed from the Pit of Suicide and Mental illness
I am a survivor of attempted suicide, however it is by no power of my own. This blog is not about me per se but the one who has redeemed my life from the pit of suicide and mental illness. Allow me to introduce you, his name is Jesus Christ. Now I know what you may be thinking but this blog isn’t about religion but a relationship…

Why do some individuals make attempts?

Myanmar Orphan becomes Preacher and starts Orphanage

I was born in animist family from Laymyo Dai community in 1985. My grandfather led me into Christianity when I was a child. By this way I spent several years without knowing who God is. I did not realize that I was a sinner before God and need the forgiveness of sin by the Lord Jesus Christ through accepting and believing in Him. In 1990, at the age of five year old, I faced a broken family by divorcing my lovely parent. Then I became a fatherless child along with my sister and brother.


This is a short version of my testimony:

At 14 was born again. A year later I backslid which lasted for approx. 10 years. The night my life changed – 4am in the morning, the Lord put a thought in my head: “if you die tonight where are you going to go?”
I answered: “straight to hell”. Then the Lord put another thought in my head: “It will have to be an all or nothing decision, not half hearted!!”

He didn’t give up on me

Let me begin by saying that we serve an incredible God, his love for us is priceless and unfailing. I struggled with my faith in God for quite a long time, but I am pleased to say that “I was blind but now I see (spiritual blindness)”. For many years I did things my own way and I didn’t know Jesus until he found me a few months ago.

What God is doin for me!!

I am new to this site, read a few thing and throught it was good ! Just a little about myself and how My faith has helped me in the past and present. I am 45, was married for 9 years but now Divorced that was 13 years ago. I have 2 lovely grown up children girl 22 and boy 20. I used to go to church when in girl guides when young but never took it seriuos.

I still need God in my life!

I have asked God for many favors, He has always seen me through. I’ve also joined others in prayer for their urgent requests and God has always come through, yes He will never desert us, but I still can’t understand why I’m being attacked by the devil, my daughter’s being attacked too. I really do trust in God, but with all that’s happening, I feel so abandoned, i need someone to pray for me too. Please pray with me.
May God bless you.

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