Death and Darkness, Life and Light: The Separation

Death’s Darkness, Life’s Light: The Separation A person who claimed to have had a vision of hell said that the darkness was like none experienced on earth, and that there were also myriad fires in various places there. Upon hearing this, one person discounted this vision as either false or imagination, saying that hell could […]


We saw in December 2010 miracles in the prison in Guayaquil, Ecuador there were two guys with leg problems and one was a broken leg for 12 years and was set wrong the Lord healed that leg in 10 minutes and the inmates was running on it. The other was another leg was hurting very badly and the Lord healed that one as well, the pain left and he was walking with no problem. Another inmate was having mental problems and the Lord set him free at that very time. He was all depressed and when we left he was smiling and having a good time.

Anorexic Woman with Depression and Suicidal Tendencies healed by Jesus

The testimony on this page is taken from the book “Jars of Clay” Copyright (C) 1999 by Rev. Claudio Freidzon. It is used republished on this website with special permission. I turned off any feelings toward God and those around me. I became religious and practiced Christianity in theory. Three years of coming and going […]

Latin American Testimonies

Mario – from street kid to son of God! Mario’s strory highlights the power of God to enable us to overcome abandonment and rejection, and fully forgive.

Overcoming Hatred, Rejection and Abuse – A young lady from Argentina describes the horrendous abuse and betrayal she experienced in life – and how God’s love was able to overcome it all.

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