Deliverance from Drugs

Shelia Holcomb – shares how the Lord intervened in her life of sorrow, rejection and addiction and gave her a new life, a loving husband, healing from the effects of drug addiction and other diseases and a purpose for living in blessing others with God's love.

Shayne Ethridge – Delivered from Cocaine Addiction.

Raul's Story – Raul shares how he was hopelessly addicted to drugs and lost his family through it. But then, after inviting the Lord into his life, not only did he get delivered of the craving for drugs, but also, he got his wife and family back!

Julian Dobbs – delivered from drug addiction by the power of God.

Kevin Raymond – saved from drug addiction, perversion, emotional problems through Jesus Christ.

Roger Henricksen – Delivered from drug addiction through the dealings of the Holy Spirit in his life.

Michele Appelbaum – Delivered from drug addiction and depression!

Kevin's Story – from Jailbird to Pastor – Kevin Coley was in and out of corrective institutions. Life seemed without hope for him, until he encountered Christ. Now he is a pastor. Read his story here.

Set free from drugs, seeing and angel and hearing God's audible voice – An amazing story of a man dissatisfied with life, hurting who had supernatural encounters with God, feeling His surge of power and His love.

The Love of God – A lady shares how she came to the Lord and was blessed by God even after abusing drugs and being abused in relationships.



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