Big Issues

In this section we will be looking at some of the major issues that any sensible person should pay careful attention to because of the high stakes.  

WHAT are the answers to the big issues of life? Can anyone really tell us? Atheism, humanism, postmodernism, Islam, Christianity, Eastern New Age religions, the Catholic Church and others all compete for our hearts and minds.

Today not only popular authors, thinkers and media personalities influence our thinking, but also astrologers, psychics, gurus and entertainers have huge followings around the world today. People want to know:

Who or what am I? What's wrong with the world? Is there hope for my future? Does God exist? Does life have a meaning? Who or what can I trust?

This site seeks to provoke and challenge thinking readers concerning the major belief systems of our day. I sincerely hope it is helpful to you. Any feedback – positive or negative, is appreciated.

Life After Death – When you die, is that the end of you?

Is there a conscious existence after death? Is there a spiritual world? What about Near Death Experiences?


Miracles – If miracles happen, why don't we hear more about them? One reason could be that some people don't want to know. For those who do, read these testimonies.

Pain and Suffering – Suffering is real. How can we make sense of it? What can we learn from it? Can we overcome it?

Does God Exist? – Is it reasonable to believe in a supreme being. Or a Creator? Powerful arguments to show that it is.


Does Truth Exist? – Is the truth "out there"? Do we create our own truth? Are we being lied to about the very nature of truth itself? Are the claims of relativism absolutely true? What about post-modernism?


Religions – Investigating Islam, different versions of Christianity, New Age, paganism, Freemasonry, Mormonism, Atheism and More.


Evolution Is the theory of evolution true? Are we meaningless accidents that had to eventually happen or not? Who or what are we?


Resurrection & Reincarnation – Christianity depends totally on the alleged resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth – but did it really happen or not? What about reincarnation, then?


Rock and Roll – You can't stop the music. What kind of influence has this music had on our culture? Are many artists today in league with the devil? Can this music be used for God?


Spiritual Power What is spiritual power? Can Christians have it? What about witchcraft? Highly relevant info.


Christian Issues – Divine healing, baptism, the Holy Spirit, church life, election and free will, money … and much more.


Ethics – Is there such a thing as "right" and "wrong"? What about the environment, sexual morality, abortion, globalism, nuclear energy, biomedical engineering, violence? How should we live and how should we spend our time?


Holy Books – Are there any good reasons at all to believe in the Bible, the Qu'ran, the Vedas or any of the other writings people look to for guidance?


Occultism, Paganism and Witchcraft – Is Halloween a bit of harmless fun or is it a celebration of all kinds of things which God condemns. Is there anything wrong with occultism?


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What do YOU think?


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  1. mikelee says:

    This site seeks to provoke and challenge thinking readers concerning the major belief systems of our day. I sincerely hope it is helpful to you. Any feedback – Sweet Quotespositive or negative, is appreciated.

  2. Michael : This is a good one, glad you put it UP,Near death expirience,out of body experience,religion,good ,and evil ,God and satan,new age,reencarnation, yoga,etc. are in one book I purchased for 5 dollars at a used book store,5years ago,never before did I went in this kind of stores,or did read much at the time. I happen to be with my mother so i pick up two books, not knowing what i just purchased.the name of the book is To Hell and Back by Maurice Rawlings,M.D.

    This Book awnsered many cuestions that I had and people that don ‘t want to understand that we have something in comun. is, that we are all going to DIE , the cuestion is? is it Safe to DIE. Dr. Rawlings explains all this issues in a way that most unbelievers will hopfully turn to God, i know it came in to my hands like other books tha wasen’t ready to read (i have bougth a few books and some given to me,but some how the rigth one has come to my hands just in time) .wait till i can make the spell check work in this computer and I write my testimony .I have looked at many web sites, none have I liked that make me go back like this one, GOD BLESS YOU BROTHER.

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