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Personal Experiences with the Living Jesus Christ

Read stories of how God heals, saves, forgives and sets people free from all kinds of bondage.


Our God is a living God! Millions of people around the world from all different backgrounds find miracle healing, forgiveness and love through Jesus in our day! What the Lord did for others, he can do for you.


Over the years I’ve published these testimonies, mostly obtained from emails sent from viewers. You can contact many but not all of these authors via email. I was not an eyewitness to most of these stories. They are published in good faith. If you have information on any of these reports you may write me.

To encourage you to share whatever God has done in your life, I invite you to read this article on The POWER of YOUR testimony. One of my friends who wrote his testimony and put it on my site is getting close to 100 visitors a month and many emails from around the world. Why don’t you add your testimony for God’s glory? Register on the site and post your testimony. Comments that were formerly posted on this page have been moved to the testimonies forum.

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  1. I pray God will breathe new life into this section of the website. If you have testimonies of God at work in your life, please do post them using the link above. You can make a short comment below to draw attention to your testimony if you wish.

    • My testamony is on cd if anyone would like to hear it… It is very dear and may be an encouragement to you that the Lord can transform a life that has been controled by fear and bondages… That Little by little He causes you to overcome in Him and in His strength as you learn the daily exchange of bringing your life, your ashes to Him so He can give you beauty… Spending time with Him and crying out to Him, brings the exchange of strength and He sets us free from the power of sin and self will in our lives to more and more freedom in Christ… In this process He enlarges your heart for others and causes His will to come forth in you… The bringing of our life to Jesus and the Father in prayer, makes the oppertunity possible for the life of exchange… our life, our adamic man given to him in the daily grind, so that in the exchange we have His life grafted more and more into our inner man and Christ is formed in us… I die daily, never the less I live… Yet not I, But Christ in me xoxoxo… A transformed life. It is also very sweet indeed as you walk with Jesus in this process He makes manifest to you, His kingdom and how it operates, how the kingdom of darkness moves backwards and His kingdom comes forth as you learn to abide in Him and overcome day by day… He speaks to me many times in dreams and visions as He helps me understand Him and His word… It was about 7 years ago when my life started to turn around I’d been a Christian as long as I could remember but bound with so much fear and stronholds until I started to cry out to Jesus to set me free… My life has changed from that time until now and is a life in transformation from the power and works of Satan to life in Christ and hungering for the 100 fold… It never is out of reach, it is just in the sufficent unto the day troubles and LEARNING that Jesus made a way for us to overcome and live in Him… The daily grind has the PURPOSE to lead us to Christ.. In it we find our life in Him… And God brings forth His fruit in us that people can start to eat. Learning to live the exchanged life also brings the Lords will to be done in earth as it is in heaven… Learning to walk in faith and obeidence, my testamony may be a blessing to you or anyone hungering for more of Jesus the Father and living by the strength of His Holy Spirit… As every joint supplies… Val, VLAMB.MD…

    • 1derwoman says:

      I recently added my testimony under the deliverance section. It is called ‘Set out of Sodom”. If you or someone you know is struggling with the sin of homosexuality, please share it with them. Post it on facebook, share it whereever you want. I appreciate comments too. Thank you for this site, Michael.
      Also, you can go to my profile and see a picture of me and my precious 89 year old grandmother. God Bless…

  2. Samuel Idoko Abah says:

    Bro. Michael,

    Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. You may recall I joined this Christian Faith Site sometime last year 2012, which I posted some articles in my blog (SAMUEL IDOKO ABAH). Since then, I was busy in other activities which did not allow me to visit the site often. This long time visit to the site made me to forget my username as well as my password to the site. Could you please check through your data base and feed me back with my username and password to enable me resume visitation to this site? Thank you remain blessed in the Lord. Samuel Idoko Abah, from Nigeria. email = [email protected]

  3. God do exist! its really true.

  4. Hello Pastor Michael,
    I am Pastor Michael Kuni of Papua New Guinea. Pastor a small grass house church in the rural Highlands of Papua New Guinea.
    I have many testimonies that God did in my life and family that I want to register at your website so that other can read the testimonies and change for better.
    Please notify where to send them please.
    Brother in Christ.
    Pastor Michael Kuni


      • i have testimony of JESUS i have many signs. i know others with testimonies: my neighbour for eg. had cancer and chose not to have chemo. she prayed to JESUS instead 9 years ago and she is still clear of cancer. everyday i pray and everytime i needed information, i find an answer within days even for the most obscure questions. remember do not ask for earthly gratification and only ask for things that is of the Father’s will and it will be given you.

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