Word Of Wisdom Saves Daughter’s Life

I am a charismatic christian. I believe in the gifts of the Spirit known as the Word of Wisdom (a word given to help you apply knowledge to a situation) and the Word of Knowledge (given to bring you information about something you couldn’t possibly know.)

I have mentioned on these boards before that I have 1 of my 3 daughters who became addicted to drugs for a period of about 5 years. She is, btw, doing really great for some time. However, last August she was out of her mind on coke and crack. The following happened:

On Monday night, I was riding in a car with her and 2 of her friends. All of a sudden, I started screaming at her to “stay out of cars.” She was totally confused, and I told her “I don’t want you in this car or any other car, you don’t know what I feel in here! I feel death in this car!” They thought I had gone crazy. The next day I told her to go to Home Depot and get me a lantern because a hurrican was out in the Atlantic, and STAY OUT OF YOUR FRIEND’s CARS!” I left for for work–stopped the car and backed down the street to my house, went and got her again–and screamed at her some more to stay out of cars. I then called her on my cell phone to yell at her again.

At 5:00, 4 of her crack buddies came by and told her to get in the car, they were already high and going to get more. She told them she had to go get a lantern and I was going to kill her if she went somewhere else. They told her I was a stupid bitch, get in the car. She opened the door and put one foot in, and remembered the fit I had thrown the night before, and got back out. They told her she was a sellout, and left.

At 5:30, the driver was going south on a major highway here in Miami and ran head on into an oncoming car, causing a 3 car wreck with 4 deaths. Out of the 4 friends:

1. the 18 yr old driver was crushed to death and died while being taken thru the ER doors

2. the 17 yr old went thru the windsheild, hung on the glass while it cut her jugular vein, had to have 4 pints of blood, was in intensive care 6 weeks and has to have repeated plastic surgeries.

3. the 16 yr old boy suffered massive head trauma, almost severed his leg, was in intensive care a month, and now has a steel skull and has regressed to 10 yr old mentality

4. the other girl broke her arm and was eviscerated (her intestines were on the ground) and almost died too.
another 3 died at the scene, and a man with 5 kids is now a quadriplegic.

So what happened here? Am I just some kind of a psychic? Oh, I don’t think so. I think it was a primetime example of a word of knowledge.

This is what charismatics mean when we say OUR GOD IS ALIVE AND WELL!

Candace – used by permission from Matt Slick’s charismatic board on www.carm.org

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