Why is God Malicious?

I was wondering if anyone could tell me why god is so cruel? I am having trouble understanding why god has created hell, or rather, why he would send so many of his creations there. I understand for some really bad things, but there are so many things in the bible that it is said one goes to ETERNAL PAIN, DAMNATION AND AGONY. Am i the only one who really realizes what that means? I mean, its no secret that at least some of how a person turns out is influenced by their environment.
So, what i am understanding is, a person, in the smallest pinprick of their existence in eternity, in an imperfect world, who makes a wrong decision in violating a rule of god, or someone who is simply ignorant of god and the bible, who has no one to teach them is going to burn eternally in pain and agony because of it? No matter what kind of person they are? A perfectly good, kind hearted, loving human being, will be damned into an eternity of torture, because they, for whatever reason, didnt wind up believing in the right thing in a world full of distractions and possibilities? This troubles me greatly and makes me not want to continue being a christian at all. even if everything in the bible is absolutely true, im not sure i can continue to bow my head to a god who is so callous, selfish and cruel.
it hurts me to realize how selfish, hateful, and violent god is portrayed in the bible. But i am told that the bible is truth. It makes me want to cry. If anyone can clarify for me, please do. God cannot know what love really means if he brings eternal suffering to those who feel love and kindness just because they use their god-given senses to arrive at a different conclusion than they are supposed to.

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