When a Prophet Speaks

When A Prophet Speaks

Some guidelines to help discern who is behind the prophecy.  Is it God, or man, or Satan?


1.  Does the prophet speak to dead people in heaven & they tell him things?  This is against the Word of God, no matter how good it looks.  You may think, they are hearing from dead Christians.  Again this is against what God teaches & is a lie.  We are not to communicate with the dead, even dead Christians for in essence we are communicating with demons.  Deuteronomy 18:10-12


2. What fruit is in the prophet’s life? Is the character & personal life of the prophet above reproach?  Galatians 5:22-24


3.  What is the message of the prophet? Does it tell you to break any of God’s laws? Does it line up with Scripture?  The Holy Spirit will never counterdict the written Word of God. 


4.  What is the demearor of the prophet?  Is the prophecy coming from love & grace or anger & judgement?  1 corinthians 13


5.  What is the motive of the prophet?  Is it to love & serve others or to be seen & held in awe of others?  Does he exhort his gift or does he exhort God?


6.  Does the prophet speak to man’s flesh or to man’s spirit?

ie Give to me & you will be given back monies.  Does the prophet manipulate & deceive?


7.  Does the prophet cause the people to be more in love with God or to be in absolute terror of Him? Prophecy from God will not work in conjuction with the spirit of fear.  2 Timothy 1:7


8.  Does the prophet bring about conviction or condemnation to the hearer?  Does the prophet attack with condemning words?  There may be words of truth in the attack but it is not comforting.  Did the prophet bring words of comfort & encouragement or did the people leave in a state of hopelessness?


9. Is the message of the prophet repentance or something else like a new doctrine, worship of angels ect?


10.  Does the prophet promote himself or point to Jesus ?


11.  Is the prophet causing people to be in fear of a possible future event or have healthy fear of the Lord?


12.  Does the prophet speak words as “I am the Holy Spirit” when giving a prophecy?  The Holy Spirit will not bring attention to Himself nor will He try to establish His own ministry.  He will always point to & glorify Jesus.


13.  Is the prophet’s ministry based on his visions & dreams & the Word of God comes in second or last.


14.  Are the people attracted to the prophet because of the prophet’s dreams & visions or does the attraction comes from correctly teaching from the Word of God?


15.  Does the prophet give a date for the return of Christ or the Rapture?  People seem to forget that not those that behold the face of the Father do not know this.  Mark 13:32


16.  Are there documented signs & wonders from his meetings?

Do people attend his meetings to see what will transpire or to hear the Word of God?

17.  Did the prophet cause the people to be in more bondage  with his words or were the people set free by the spirit of adoption? Romans 8:15


Do not jump at every prophetic word.  Exam it, exam the giver, test it & pray about it then proceed…


Do not quench the Holy Spirit.  Do not despise prophecy.  Test all things; hold fast to what is good.  Abstain from every form of evil.

i Thessalonians 5:19-22

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