What About Aliens and UFOs – A Short Answer

Aliens are just a deceptive manifestation of what the Bible refers to as fallen angels and demons. And as they came in bodily form in Genesis 6, so they are beginnning to do again in our time. “As it was in the Days of Noah, so it will be in the Days of the Coming of the Son of Man”.

There are humans co-operating with these demons in what they are doing also. Most would not be aware of the true identity of these spirits. They probably consider them to be what they claim to be.

Demons and fallen angels operate in another dimension parallel to our own, but are able to step into our dimension under certain circumstances.

UFO technology has been developed by human beings, possibly with some help from these fallen angels. A lot of technology involving advanced uses of magnetism has been suppressed by the Governments of our day. I don’t have all the answers here but the main point to realise is that there is a planned deception afoot, and those who do not receive the love of the truth are going to fall for it.

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