We need God in Every part of our lives!

Lately all I see & hear from Kids, TV, & Professed Christians, that we are all gay and that Love should be accepted no matter if its man with man or woman with woman. I just want to clarify what I understand God to say about this subject. I know in Genesis that God could not find a mate for Adam and that Adam was both Male & female So god caused Adam to go into a deep sleep And Took thE woman out of Adam.

He said of the woman She is bone of my bone & flesh of my Flesh. I understand that it was not another man taken out of Adam. It was the Woman. And God called her his Help meet. What an honor that was. For he calls his Holy Spirit our helper. So from the beginning god made the 1 into 2 & then united them With his just being With them.

I remember how Sodom & gamora and how the men of that City lusted after the 2 Angels. Also in the Epistle to the Romans. It clearly Speaks of how homosexuals Don’t worship God, that they truely worship their own bodies. And the way they feel. Do they know God? I wonder, because the lord is Good & his Mercy endures Forever. But He is Coming back and bringing justice. I hear children 7& 8 years of age asking if their bisexual or Gay. Now & then I hear 1 say they are straight. Why is this issue being pushed so hard right now? I hear of kids killing other kids. Is it because they are being taught that they come from animals & then everyone is shocked that they act like animals?

Teens are in Such a hurry to have sex & dream of marriage. Why are they playing Adult games & then when one gets pregnant or gets An STD they try to hide or get rid of a child to keep the adults from knowing that they made a mistake. God is Love. And if you walk in him you will be blessed. He is not the enemy, he is A Loving father. He Loves us enough to Change our hearts & our minds. Sex is not Evil or dirty, but if you wait on the Lord he will bless your marriage. Now what I have written may offend everyone. But I have read about these subjects in the Bible & people excuse their actions by saying oh there are just a few sentencs on these Subjects but it is in the Bible for a good reason. & gods way hasn’t always been popular but I would much rather stand with God, than fight against him.

I have not been perfect, but all have sinned & come short of the glory of God. So if you Do Sin, run quickly to him & as for his forgiveness. I pray that these people will turn from their own lust & pleasures & let god handle their desires. Just because you may feel something doesn’t mean that you should do it. I have had dreams that these people have bible after bible & they are taking scissors & cutting out what they don’t like or want to hear. Oh what a stubborn spirit they all have. May god in all his mercy remove the evil imaginations from your hearts & minds. In the name of Christ Jesus I pray Amen!

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