Warnings from the Book of Proverbs – Part 2

When you show your anger to people immediately you are behaving like a fool, so nothing good will come of it. (Proverbs 12:16)

If you are a liar, you won’t last. (12:19)

Wicked people will be filled with evil (12:21)

God finds lying lips disgusting, so take heed. (12:22)

If you are a fool, your mouth will reveal it. (12:23)

If you are lazy you will be put to forced labor. (12:24)

Anxiety will cause depression. [Its better to give your burdens to the Lord.] (12:25)

Be careful in choosing friends, because bad ones can lead even a righteous person astray. (12:26)

Talking too much will bring destruction on you. (13:3)

Laziness will lead to frustrated desires. (13:4)

Wicked men will be hated and come to shame (13:5)

Wickedness overthrows the sinner. Being wicked is playing with fire. (13:6)

The wicked will lose whatever light he has. (13:9)

Pride brings bad and unhappy relationships. (13:10)

Dishonestly gained wealth will be lost over time. (13:11)

Despising God’s word will lead to your destruction. (13:13)

If you are an unfaithful person, life will be hard for you. (13:15)

If you are foolish, it will eventually be obvious to others. (13:16)

If you are a wicked messenger, you are going to fall into trouble. (13:17)

If you disdain correction, poverty and shame will come to you. (13:18)

The problem with being a fool is that you hate the thought of leaving your evil behind you. (13:19)

Hang out with fools and rebels and you will be destroyed. (13:20)

If you sin, evil will come after you. (13:21)

If you are a sinner, you are working for the benefit of the righteous in the end anyway. (13:22)

Injustice causes waste. (13:23)

If you don’t practice corporal punishment on your children, you hate them. (13:24)

Wicked people are ultimately going to suffer hunger. (13:25)

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