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It is one thing to know or suspect that you need deliverance from demons in your struggle against the power of sin. It is another thing sometimes to find a pastor or minister who has time to help. I believe all pastors and church leaders need to begin to get equipped in this area. Then they can equip others to do this vital work. Some of us need refresher courses in this area too.

Before seeking deliverance make sure you are doing all you know to do in the area of giving attention to the Word of God, and good doctrine. Spend time soaking your mind in the Scriptures any way you can – through study, through music, through meditation, through speaking it. This may be difficult, and demons may oppose it, but if you can battle through and persist, the Word of God has power to defeat demons.

Quite a few healing evangelists understand deliverance but it is not easy to get extended time with them. If it doesn’t happen on their altar call in a few minutes they may not be available afterwards. That is just the way things are normally structured. In South America they train many deliverance ministers to be on hand and do the work during their crusade meetings, but in some countries the leaders don’t realise the need – its almost as if “there are no demons in Australia” or whatever. Apparently someone actually said this!

It can be hard to find a deliverance minister available to help when you feel oppressed by dark spiritual power – demons. But I list here skype contacts of people who do minister deliverance online.

Here is the first one:

Peter Johnson. Skype id: keystothekingdomprayergroup

Peter is an Australian living on the Gold Coast who has been effectively doing this ministry for years. I have met him and can vouch for the fact that he is for real and God is using him.

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