time for a change

26 years ago I gave my heart to Jesus,but salvation is by faith,,I could not help but hunger to know what to do next .being there must be more. so I found myself in a church going to the alter as soon as I got there and stayed at the alter from the time church started til late seeking confirmation this was real.for 3 services til midnight I pressed.my hands were raised so long they hurt.knees hurt,I guess everyone there thought I was strange I guess.I had all but give up,when I began to let my hands down,when they wouldnt, fire began to go though my chest like electricity I could even here it pop when it went out my hands,I thought I would die from so much power.I am not a weak man but the Holy Ghost held me so tight until he was done,I couldnt move,He held me so long with so much power,that just got me started to see what he would do if we sought him with a whole heart,after that,I did much fasting and praying with signs and wonders for years, Over the years I reallize that you don;t find answers in 15 minutes,if you really want a great experence with the HolyGhost you must pray until .

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