The filling that fell out, turned out to be a miracle! by Missionary Geeta

For the past two years I have been having sparodic toothache in my bottom back tooth. I would pray and the pain would go away so I didn’t see the need for a Dentist. In the meantime, I have been asking God to send me a Dentist who can work with a ‘Missionary’s budget”. I, however, made no effort to find one. One day out of the clear blue, a filling fell out of my mouth. I found it rather strange that it should fall out from my bottom front tooth. I avoided the destist office even then but, it became impossible to eat without getting food stuck in the cavity.

I told my friend what happened, and asked if she knew a dentist who can work with a “Missionary’s budget”

I went to visit my friend at her home one day and guess who I met? You got it right! a dentist! She was visiting. A wonderful Christian woman. We made an appointement and I showed up at her office a couple of days later, not knowing what to expect, I expected a miracle. (Glory)

The Dentist told me, I needed a lot of work done, but one of my tooth was infected and had to be extracted as soon as possible. Today I heard her say as she was extracting the tooth, ‘God had to remove your flling to save your life”. Had I not shown up to her office when I did, my body would have been infected from the decy that started seeping in my jaw bone. Dear Lord! I excliamed. I have been so preoccupied with my upcoming mission trip that I didn’t even stop to feel the pain.

God knows how to take care of his own. he sent me a dentist who is working with a “Missionary’s budget”, IT’S A BLESSING. Isn’t God awesome? When I leave for Ngieria I shall have a brand new mouth. Watch out world, the Missionary is on her way to speak the word.

God bless you as you read this, remember, God has our back, He is our rear guard, and He is our everything.

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