The enemy’s plans vanquished in an unusal way

Today was the scheduled meeting over the problem with the city. Before I went, I was continuously praying….every single thing was showing me how much hatred ther was there, and the depth of the plans to put me in jail. The hearts of some people were as hard as bedrock against me. Suddenly, I get a message from another intercessor…in fact, an intercessor who told me in 1997 “I have prayed for 7 years, asking God to send me someone to teach me how to be an intercessor…would you teach me?” This intercessor got details, picked up a telephone, and called the city office, telling them the payment I was behind in was on the way – in full! So then, when I got into the meeting…as it turned out, the most hateful of the people were not in the room – one hateful person was there, unable to keep the anger from her entire face…so, now the Lord has pointed that person out to me. However, when it came to the magistrate…she just kept looking at me…and smiling, and putting her head down… she found me officially in violation, gave me a month to get everything in order [should be in order by this weekend]; said she would consider fines only if I was non-compliant in a month, and only beginning then…..and that it was perfectly ok to keep the offending connection for water until the payment came in at the end of the week! Some of the city workers were extremely unhappy I was not going to jail! And one of the most interesting things to me was – this magistrate, who kept smiling at me. I did not know her as a friend…but I knew her. When I first taught school – for 4 1/2 years, I taught with her mother as a colleague – and although not friends with her mother, really, the magistrate remembered how, when I was a teacher, I was always fair to all students, and my word was honorable and good.

Abn the intercessor who sent the payment? When a loved one found out, the intercessor was thanked from the heart. The intercessor replied that thanks was not necessary…she was just thankful that she could – in essence – repay a debt…because when her employer closed about 1998 or so..she was about to lose her home…and that I had sent her several checks to be able to stay in her home….and that I had never ever mentioned it to her…

So now – there is a possiblity I will be hired for a new job tomorrow….

Thank each and every one of you for your prayers…

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