Draft Terms and Conditions for Christian Tutors and Teachers using our platform



We require that you be a person of Christian character with no prior convictions or issues in relation to child abuse of any kind.


We require that you be a person with a track record of serving Jesus Christ, and that you provide us with references to support this claim.


We require that you be part of a local church or fellowship and that you can provide us with the name of your pastor. If you are planting a church we require 3 different referees to check up on this. We do this to protect the integrity of our ministry together.


Your rights and responsibilities


You will be given the opportunity to accept or ignore requests for tutoring. These appointments will take place at a time mutually convenient to yourself.


You agree to commit at least 1 hour per week to this online ministry, of which 15 minutes will be relating to discipleship and evangelism, and at least 45 minutes will be a time in which you do your best to tutor students according to their needs, and their requests.


You can terminate this relationship with FMFtutors at any time by notifying us in writing.


You can terminate your relationship with any student at any time after the completion of the current hour. You will communicate this both to us and to them.


You understand that the student also has the right to leave at any time. It is strictly a voluntary mutual agreement.


You further agree that you will refrain from embarking on any commercial relationship – tutoring or otherwise, with anyone you connect with via this site for at least 30 days from the start of the relationship. It is hoped that the relationships will remain non-commercial, but we realise that a different kind of agreement might be mutually beneficial after the initial time. If this happens, we ask that you consider making Any Donation to this site as a way of saying Thank You for connecting you.


It is our policy to connect male with male and female with female to avoid the appearance of anything wrong and to keep the relationships uncomplicated by potential romantic considerations.


You agree to indemnify the owners and managers of this site from any claim for damages that may arise for any reason, not that we are expecting any trouble.


You must notify us in the future if you no longer wish to conform to any of these terms. 


Please contact us if interested in using this platform where people will be coming to you for discipleship and training.

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