Conceit: Sign of the End Times

“The evil conceits of their minds know no limits” (Ps. 73:7 NIV). Have you ever had a little child say to you, “Watch me! Look what I can do!”? Most likely you have, for it is a common trait of little children and we find humor that touches our heart in their exuberance of life. […]

The End Times and You

Daniel 12 Speaks to Us The end times hold a fascination for us human beings, partly because of a natural curiosity about the unknown. We want to know what is going to happen next in God’s great plan for our world. The early followers of Jesus voiced such a curiosity when they gathered together to […]

The Living Dead–In Jesus’ Time and Ours

It is easy to be fooled by appearances. Those with false worldviews seek not only our money but our very bodies and minds (a function of our souls). Their methods can include the education of children in worldly public schools, government policies, general cultural values, and even religious institutions. The finished product of such ungodly […]

A Last-Days Message from the Psalms

As we enter into these frightening last days of this world, a message of comfort, peace, and hope is given to us in the Psalms. We will need these words as this world descends into great wickedness, calamities, and suffering. Listen, then, to the message which God provided ahead of time for us, in the Psalms, to encourage us to look to him for protection as the world collapses around us and our salvation draws nigh.

Clash of Kingdoms: How Satan Is Crafting This World to Oppose God

Foreboding tremors of war are being felt with increasing frequency and intensity in this world. The war in the unseen realm is once again about to spill over into the physical world. But who is paying attention? It is reminiscent of the days before WW2, in the late 1930s, when those with perception picked up on the signs that warned them of the war that would soon reach them and the whole world, while others went about their lives largely unconcerned, only to find themselves unprepared when that war engulfed the entire planet. We should learn from this example from history.

My End Times Vision

God once gave me a vision of the end times–and I didn’t even know it (at the time)! This is how that happened.

Three Reasons Why the World Must End

Three Reasons Why the World Must End

A disturbing observation haunts me nearly every day: Most people seem to think that this world will never end, that they will be able to continue to go on with their lives as usual forever–this in spite of the many signs to the contrary, including that most common of all contradicters, death. Everybody dies and yet that fact is buried beneath the mind’s refusal to contemplate it, for that would mean the end of one’s world as it is presently known. It is the old human frailty of ignoring unpleasant thoughts and facts when they threaten what we want.

Be Holy — Or Else!: The Importance of Holiness in These Last Days

The signs which the Bible tells us will appear to signal the end of this world are increasing. But who is paying attention to them? There is controversy, argument, and disagreement over whether or not things like the meteor that struck Russia or the unusual weather in many places in the world are a part of these signs. But there is one sign on which all true believers in Jesus should agree, and that is the topic here.

The Hour of Darkness

There is a time for everything, we are told in God’s Word (Eccl. 3:1). What many tend to forget is that everything means every thing, including evil. Yes, according to Scripture, there is a time when God allows even evil to hold sway.

“The Lord has made everything for its purpose, even the wicked for the day of trouble” (Prov. 16:4 RSV).

How to Identify the “Word Of God” and those who are of God.

“Dominus illuminatio mea” is the motto of the University of Oxford and the opening words of Psalm 27, meaning, “The Lord is my light”. The Word of God is “The Good Oil” [fuel] that keeps our Lamp lit.

Dearly Beloved of God and our Lord Jesus Christ or nay. Let they that hath an ear to hear, hear, read and understand the words that I render unto you this day.

The word “render” means to give and moreover to “Give Freely” (NO STRINGS ATTACHED or RECOMEPENCE [meaning remuneration/payment], for the Lord commanded us “of that which ye freely receive, freely give”).

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