Study or Go – How long should We Wait?

“Do you realise that we are only told one time in the Bible to wait – and again I’m talking New Testament – one time. Jesus said, “You wait in Jerusalem until you receive the promise of My Father. Ain’t that right? Now, someone says, “See we ought to wait! No, no, if you’re going to take that part, then go to Jerusalem to wait. What are you waiting here for? You can’t wait here. You gotta wait in Jerusalem, that’s what He said. Ain’t that right? We’re told one time to wait, and every other time He says, “Go, go, go!” And yet we hang up on “wait”. Why? ‘Coz we don’t wanna go! Matter of fact, you realise that most Christians spend most of their time, you know what they’re doing? STUDYING. Do you realise that? We’re only studying. New book, new tape … always studying. Why? But yet we’ve become like those in Timothy – always learning but never coming to a knowledge of the truth. Why because as soon as we .. you realise that if we continue to study – we’re safe, we’re “growing”. “I’m not ready yet. I’m in God’s greenhouse.” But the minute we quit studying, we know that if we stop studying, we’ve actually got to go DO something. And we don’t want to go DO something, we’d rather sit in a group and study, around other people where we know we’re accepted, where its safe, rather than go and actually DO what we’ve learned around people that we don’t like, don’t wanna be around, and truly don’t want visiting us.”

– Curry Blake, Divine Healing Evangelist

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