Sorry that I ask so many questions but I want to know.I have some more for anyone willing to try to help me find answers.

1)Once a persons soul is cast into hell do they still have the choice to repent?
2)If so where do they get the power to desire to repent from if they are in hell?
3)If demons can never feel God’s grace(how is it fair),isn’t it up to God to make them want to follow him?
4)How come it says in the bible that God will make Satan and his followers burn in hell for all eternity?
He speaks so much about forgiveness and mercy but rather than destroying him he chooses to make Satan burn in hell for all eternity.
5)Why not just destroy him?
6)How long should he suffer for all the evil he has done and all the people he has lead astray from God?
7)To become a “man” of God do you need to expierience one great moment of greatness?Could it be gradual?
I have read verses in the bible that say once you are with God you can never sin again.Yet Satan defies that.
So my question is…
8)Why does it say in the bible that once a person is with God they can never sin again if…Satan was an angel(which I believe is as close to God as you can get) was able to fall and commit the ultimate sin of leading people away from God?
9)Can peoples ancestors leave scars on their children because of their mistakes?

Here is my example
My grandmother was(not sure if she still is) very close to God.She spoke tounges,went to church,prayed and loved God.She lived in the ghetto,was poor,had to become mature very fast.She married very young to a man who had a drinking problem(my grandfather).She conceived four children before she had a divorce because my grandfather was abusive when he was drunk and he refused to change his ways.I believe after the divorce she became a lesbian and began to commit homosexuality.She told me that one day she was looking at a woman and she realized she loved another woman.I am her grandson and I have to fight my sinful nature and lust for other men(I myself am a young man)every single day.She has not changed her ways and supports homosexuality.

10)So my question is could my grandmother have put this burden on my back when she chose to give into homosexuality?
If this is the case…
11)When I am relieved of my sinful nature and no longer have any lust for other men will any of the generations after me have to deal with this curse(if a curse is what it is)?
12)How is it fair to leave this kind of burden on someone who never had a choice?
13)How much longer do I need to live in pain and suffering?How many tears do I need to cry?How many more years will I be tortured?How much longer before I do not need to fear seeing another man?How much longer before my thoughts are my own?How many times do I want to die before I want to live?How many more people will be encouraged through me before He frees me?How many times do I need to ask Him to save me before He saves me?

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