Satan , demons and Hell No Laughing matter !!

i wanted to share this story with others
i always wondered why some christians will see angels and demons
and others dont ?

i still dont have the answer maybe its just discernment? but i can testify to that they are REAL
i was in my home in 1998 and it was a year before i was to find out my soon to be ex husband was going to leave me for another woman . He was using drugs and drinkin, and his abuse was getting worse , not just with me but with my daughters who were 16,15,11 at the time.
I would came home from church and my husband would still be gone i waited hours for him to come home , finally he would stumble in at 3 am with a glassy eyed look and yelling and screaming at me , throwing things and cursing . I would try to keep my girls quiet and we went to bed early that night .

I was in my bedroom and it was a strange feeling like we was being watched my girls asked if they could stay in my room since my husband fell asleep drunk on the couch . i let them . In the wee hours of the morning it was very dark out side , and as something brushed my face with a smell of sulfer ( like rotton eggs ) i opened my eyes to see
these 2 to 3 inch black beings swarming around my room
they had no real form but were like cutouts in a shadow some had long arms , and tails others had huge mouths open .

i was so scared . i grabbed my kids close to me
and i said ” in JESUS name i command you to get out of my room ”

they screamed and fled i felt a rush of clod air hit my face
and i seen them go down to the foot of where my husband lay sleeping

the girls were still asleep and without scaring them i called to my husband to awake
and i seen them swirling around his head !
all at once one went in his opened mouth and
he woke up gagging like he could not breathe !

i told him what i saw , he just laughed and thought was was crazy
the next day i called the pastor of my church and the elders
they came and blessed the house and my pastor looked at me and said ‘ debra you need to get out of here soon ” ” what is in here your husband is allowing to come in and it will only get worse .
2 days later after they blessed the house with anointing oil
and prayed with me and the girls
my pastor got very very sick

the next night was worse
i was on the couch waiting for my husband to come home from work
and my lab samson was sitting beside me for comfort
i was a wreck it was 4 am and still no sign of my husband
samson was growling and all hairs were on his back he was showing his teeth i kept telling him to quiet down , later
i feel asleep on the couch and woke up to a figure dressed in all black
sort of like a grim reaper no face and it pointed at me and said
” you dont beling here GET out ” I was scared but said “GET BEHIND ME SATAN ” i am blood bought in Jesus Christ you dont own me I command you to leave my home and take your imps with you in Jesus Name !!!

all at once the dog got quiet
a rush of air swept through the house
and it was gone

you may think things like this only happen at Halloween
this took place in November

after i seen what i think was a imp
went in my husbands mouth
he left me divorced me , now uses heroine and cocaine and drinks everyday
and abused me untill i had to leave him and take my girls with me to a battered womens shelter

this was in 1998
still to this day
he is this way
and you dont think Satan is out to get your soul
and destroy you ?
you better think again
Hell is real and so is the evil you cant see
maybe i was allowed to see it to tell others about
it so they would know that we do not fight against flesh and blood but against the rulers and principalities of the darkenss and wicked ness in high places

Jesus loves you my friend
he dont want any of his children a slave to Satan
or loose a soul to him

your more precious than gold to him
and dont you ever forget that
and NO Evil is stronger than JESUS !!


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