Relationship (teen) advice…

The thing I just really want from you guys and what I’d appreciate the MOST is if you guys can give me advice and help………

My girl stated that it’d be ok for us to have intercourse after 9 or 10 months. I really love her and she loves me too unconditionally, yet I feel uncomfortable about being intimate before marriage.

You see I’m a religious type of person, some ppl in high school call me “weird” for being like that, but i dnt care. During class I can be reading my bible rather than paying attention, I dnt care, i love what the bible says and what it has to offer to us. My teachers tell me to put it away, I do, but then I take it back out as soon as they don’t notice.

I just want advice on whether or not I should be intimate with her. I mean, I do love her and want to show it to her, just as she does to me.
However at the same time I have conscious and present about what the bible says about sex before marriage. I dont want to tell her “No, I dont want to do it” so she could feel rejected but at the same time I dont want to say to God “I’m going to disregard your word for a moment” so he could feel rejected either.


Most of my guy friends have told me im nuts if i say no to a girl when she wants to have sex. THATS THEM…NOT ME….I WANT to be intimate, YET….ONLY AFTER MARRIAGE.

Ive received oral sex from her and TRUST ME…i regreted it and repented of it, YET I too feel it’s our way of “showing” our love. I.D.K. I know it’s wrong but when I get it it feels good, but after I go home, I feel bad for having received that.

I don’t want to tell her NO about sex, b/c I dont want her leaving me, so idk if i should do it with her. AND i dont want to reject God for a lustful moment either.

I guess…I’m just confused.

Any advice, help, suggestions, prayers, would be GREATLY APPRECIATED.

Thank you all and God bless you fo having taking time to help.

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