Real Salvation

Savation is a term widely used but not always real,some use it loosely and think they can use it like a get out of jail free card,but on the average day its not important. Real salvation goes something like this. My dad died when I was 15, My mother remarried,but I was a hard headed and a little mixed up. the man she married was a good man,he took me hunting and fishing,and tried to have good relations,well most times I was rebellous and give him much trouble,I even shot his truck with a 20guage shotgun. I ran over him for a few years,but after a while,I began to realize he was not my enemy. Years passed and we grew closer,after I finally gave my heart to God at 26,I would at times when I saw him,tell him about Jesus. Until his 70s he was unsaved,but about 5 years ago he got cancer,and a preacher went to see him and he gave his heart to God. Now he was very unlearned of the ways of the bible,but after he went home he went to a man’s house of whom he hated for a long time,knocked on his door and went in ,sat down and told that man,Please forgive me I have hated and ran you down and hoped you would die in my past,but Jesus saved my soul and shown me my whole life in 10 minutes,and now I beg your forgiveness. This was his last year of his life,but his testimony was,’I wouldn;t take a million dollars for what Jesus has done for me!, On his death bed ,He said ,I;m slipping,I’m slipping! I;m going home,and he died. There are many reasons for me to want to make it to heaven,but one big 1 is to see that old man,one more time!!!!!!praise God !!!!!

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