R. Nolen Miller – My Testimony

My Testimony – Evangelist – R. Nolen Miller

Called by The Most High God (Jesus in the flesh)

Mighty Warriors of the Saints of Heaven Ministry

The Philippines – February 2009
Cebu City, Philippines

“For many are called but few are chosen”

Matthew 20:16 KJV

I should have known that there was a greater purpose for my life. When I was still but a whisper of life in my mother’s womb, my biological father tried to kill us both by shooting her. By some miracle, we both survived. And the life I am here to tell you about were allowed to begin my life I had a pretty normal childhood, for America in the 70’s and 80’s. My mother and the man she married (who I consider to be my earthly father in every way) stayed together long after they had given up on their own relationship. They stayed together for my sisters and I. So, although it was a rather dysfunctional situation, we children were well cared for and brought up well. I found my real niche in life through school athletics. Having many victories in track & field and football gave me an identity that was consistent with every American boy’s idea of success. It also gave me the considerable ego and pride that naturally comes from being admired as an athlete in this society. To maintain the joy that I had gotten used to as a youth, I continued in the sport of football as a coach after my school years were over. This fed into my competitive spirit and love for the game. Football was a big focal point of my life, from which I derived a great deal of satisfaction. After some years in the military, drinking alcohol became a much sought after diversion. I drank a lot, even after it landed me in jail. I liked to drink and party and do all the things that young men are led to believe is perfectly normal behavior. I was also a womanizer. My sexual addiction led me into many situations I should not have been in. But, like any other red-blooded American, I thought the more sex I was having with the more women, the better a man I was. What a destructive lie we allow this society to drill into our heads. Well as addictions go, I always looked for more, and became addicted to pornography and the philosophies regarding sexual behavior that pornography promotes. Examples: Threesomes, A one time Homosexual experience. Once satan has you willfully submitting to a stronghold in your life, you are right where he wants you headed to your destruction. I thought I was on top of my game. I was 35, in good physical condition, had a smooth little sports car, my own crib, a good job with my own office, a woman I loved, and still the freedom to do whatever I wanted. One night I exercised that right to do whatever I wanted. I lied to my woman about my plans, went out to party and entertain my deviate desires. The decision I took that night would, unbeknownst to me, shape the rest of my life. I woke up a week later, unaware of who I was or where I was. I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t eat, and I had tubes coming out of my body everywhere I looked. I had just woken up from coma that I was not supposed to have been able to wake up from. Evidently, on my exciting night out on the town, I had been hit by an automobile while drunkenly running across the street to get the attention of a male prostitute. The car hit me, instantly breaking my leg, forcing the bones to protrude through the skin in two places. Following the impact, the force threw my body up and my head went through the windshield of the car. I was then thrown back to the road, where my shoulder was dislocated and the skin was scraped off of various parts of my body. It was after 3 o’clock in the morning. God directed, the driver had a cell phone and called for help and I was airlifted to the hospital and that his car was small. My Girlfriend stuck by me through all of this and describes my recovery, which I have very little recollection of. Suffice it to say that I had to learn everything over again, from the most basic functions. I was in the hospital for almost two months. I had to learn how to eat, use the bathroom, talk, and think clearly and later how to walk again. After I came home to my Girlfriend’s apartment following the hospital stay, life was hard. I was happy to be home with her, but I hated the limitations I had as a human being. She had to lift me in and out of my wheelchair drive me to work, do all the cooking and cleaning that I was unable to help with. It was so frustrating as a man who was used to being “the man” in control of everything. I was brought to a place where I realized that I had no control, and I realized that I never really had control when I thought I did. It was another of life’s illusions. During these times, I struggled within myself, trying to come to terms with what had happened and what my identity was as a person, now that the temporary façade of my former identity was taken from me in a mere second. I fought off thoughts of suicide, wanting to live for my children’s sake as well as my girlfriend. I thought about the things my girlfriend had told me, how she had received emails from all over the world, parts of Africa and the Middle East, from people who were praying for me while I was in a coma. Complete strangers…praying for me. I thought about the rainbow that she had seen that first day as she drove across the bridge towards the hospital. She said it was the biggest, boldest rainbow she had ever seen. It stretched from ground to ground over the entire city of Tampa, the hospital being roughly right at the center point of the rainbow. She had cried when she saw it, not because she was sad, but because she knew that it was her sign from Jesus Christ that He was going to hold me in His arms, it was going to be okay. As I thought about all these, I began to ask Lord Jesus why I was still here. I talked to Him often, yelled at Him sometimes, told Him all my frustrations, and asked Him to help me know what it all meant. I asked Him every day it seemed. One miraculous morning I woke up and all the answers were there. I just knew. Lord Jesus had completely emptied me of all the clutter that I had accumulated in my life, He stripped it all away, the house, the car, the perfect health, the ego, the deviate lifestyle, and the addictions…all my earthly crutches. He took back to my real self, the essence of who I really was on the inside…and then He filled up the emptiness of my heart with all the Love that He could give me. I felt such indescribable joy, such peace, and such a clear sense of purpose. And I have been singing His praises ever since. I knew almost instantly that my purpose was to talk to others about Lord Jesus Christ; and to share with others how I’ve come to learn that we are victims of a huge deception, and that the Truth is available to all of us. Whether working through prison ministry or whatever path Lord Jesus chooses to lead me, I will follow and share with as many as I can the amazing Truth of the Gospel. An athlete at heart, I am still running the race, Lord Jesus is the rabbit, and I will follow Him wherever He leads me and I know that my victory awaits me the Heaven. Although I am still left with a handicapped arm, the rest of my body has been healed: and I have faith that when I am ready, the arm will be healed as well. According to the values of the world, I may have lost a lot. But I received so much more than I ever thought possible. And I’ve never been happier in my life. I am a living testimony to the Love of our Creator. There is a story I have heard about me, when I was quite small, walking down the street with my family, and a man of God stopping to tell me that I was going to be a preacher someday. “All things work together for good of those who love the Lord.” Romans 8:28 I took a few dead ends roads along the way, but my Father led me home.

If you honesty would like to change your life and know without a doubt that when you leave this world you will spend eternity with the Lord in Heaven.

If your looking for some answers to some of the questions most people have in this world like.

What will make me happy?
Why was I born?
What do I want in my life?
What God do I serve?

False God’s people serve

Alcohol, Coveting, Drug Abuse, Lust, Fear, Hate, self-centeredness, Sexual Immorality, Temptation, Worry, Wealth, Power, Money, Adultery, Anger, Depression, Evil Desires, Hot temper, Homosexuality, Trials.
This world tells you that it is all about you. A good education with tons of friends and a great job with lots of money will make you happy. I beg to differ lots of people with lots of money are on trial or in prison. Another good example just look at all the mess involved with the rich people in Hollywood Ca. No matter how much money you make and how many friends you have if you don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ before death you’re in trouble. The years on earth are minimal compared to eternity, Lord Jesus Christ did not willingly give His earthly life for us all to give us religion; Jesus willfully died to give us the opportunity to have a personal relationship with God the Father through the Son [Jesus Christ] and by the power of the Holy Spirit whom God will send to dwell in each believer. Well, it happened to me, so the Word of God must be true. Every person in this world is given free will to do, and believe whatever they want, because Lord Jesus Christ doesn’t want robots He wants followers in every who Love Him, and believe by obeying the Word of God. In Romans 12:2 KJV. It totally explains when Christians are born again by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.
Who can enter the gates of Heaven?
Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.
John 3:3 KJV.
Well that also explains me. This world can give me nothing, and I don’t want anything this world offers as important, because the Lord Jesus Christ is all I need, and can take care of anything I need. I’m still here because the Lord Jesus Christ was not done with me, and now I’m ready to serve the Lord Jesus Christ with everything that I can [Complete Surrender]. The sooner that you stop getting upset over the things that you can not control, and move your focus away from yourself, and completely open your body, soul, and spirit to Christ, Jesus only then you will get all the answers you are looking for. Your body, soul and spirit must be open to understand the Word of God. When everything is open then your eyes will open to the Word of God. I wish you the best, and I hope that you give Jesus a honest chance, because nobody can run from Jesus Christ forever and when you finally meet Jesus Christ face to face. The question is what will He say?

Well done my good and faithful servant, you may enter My Kingdom.
2. Away from Me, you detest Me. I do not know you, and He will cast you into the gates of Hell into utter Darkness forever.

Here is a prayer you may like to say…

“Heavenly Father, I know that I am a sinner, and I ask for your mercy. I believe Christ died for my sins. I repent of my sins and I ask your forgiveness. I am willing to turn from my sins and my old way of life and live for you. I now invite Jesus Christ to come into my heart as my personal savoir and Lord. I will follow and obey Jesus Christ, by your grace, making Him the Lord of my life, from this day forward. Amen.

True Christians have the following attributes

1. Repentance
“A 180 degree turn away from sinful behavior and towards Godly behavior.

Thankfulness “A thankful heart that is grateful for what God has done…and shows itself in a cheerful disposition.

Good Works “A life that becomes others centered (helping the aged, feeding the poor, teaching children, visiting the sick & those in prison), not self-centered (all free time consumed in personal hobbies and interests).

Fruit of the Spirit
“An ever-growing capacity of love, joy, peace, goodness and self-control in the life of the believer.
Fruit of Righteouness
“Doing the right thing according to the way God defines it in His Word…not according to the way man defines it in his own mind.

Loving God
By – Charles Colson
It is not what we do that matters, but what a sovereign God chooses to do through us. God doesn’t want
Our success; He wants us. He doesn’t demand our achievements. He demands our obedience. The
Kingdom of God is a Kingdom of paradox where through the ugly defeat of the cross, a Holy God is utterly gloried. Victory comes through defeat; healing through broken-ness; finding self through losing self.

“How do I get that vibrant strong faith of Christian Maturity?”

That’s where obedience comes in. For maturing faith, faith which deepens and grows as we live our Christian life – is not just knowledge, but knowledge acted upon. It is not just belief, but belief lived out – Practiced. James said we are to be doers of the Word, not just hearers.
“Only he who believes is obedient; only he is obedient believes.”
So obedience is the key to real faith – the unshakable kind of faith so powerfully illustrated by Job’s life.

My Personal walk in the Wilderness
My Testimony in 2006 – R. Nolen Miller
Mighty Warrior’s of the Saints of Heaven Ministry
The Philippines soon

The start of the year of 2006 was a pretty awesome from my fleshly perspective

in that my favorite NFL American Football Team (Pittsburgh Steelers) won
the Super Bowl. On the spiritual side my relationship with my Lord & Savior
Jesus Christ was beginning to mature and move me into a deeper and even more
inmate level with Him. I already knew that my wife’s desire was that we go
through a trial separation because she was not happy with our marriage because
she said that I was too much on-fire for God and that we were moving in two
different directions. I suggested that we seek counseling of which she was not
agreeable. She just wanted me to leave. I went to the Lord in prayer asking for wisdom and the Lord revealed to my Spirit the following verse Matthew 10:14 NASB – Whoever does not receive you, nor heed your words, as you go out of
that house or that city, shake the dust off your feet. After I received that revelation
I was at complete peace in leaving my wife and therefore pursuing God’s Will
for my life while on this earth. Upon leaving I was called by the Lord to fast for
40 days (water only). It was a very difficult fast, but I will honor the prompting
of the Holy Spirit. During that fast the Holy Spirit was so close to my Spirit and
the Holy Spirit began give my Spirit Revelation after Revelation revealing part
of His Will for my life while here on this earth. 2006 was a very testing period
for me in my walk with the Lord Jesus Christ and my maturing process grew

Separation from wife – Matthew 10:14
40 Day fast (water only) – Direction of the Holy Spirit
Car Accident – Car spinning around on the interstate because the back tire
came off the wheel well on the car – cars next to my car while my car was
spinning around – In total surrender & submission to the Lord – I took my
hand off the steering wheel of the car and stated “Lord let your will be done”
and waited for impact. No impact occurred the car just slid to a little area
just off the on ramp that was not part of the on ramp.

House fire in ex-wife’s home, death of her two daughters 4 & 5 years old in
the fire. My two sons were not harmed. Ex-wife badly burned and was fighting
for her life. – I was called to be that pillar of strength for my sons and my ex-wife.
I was also directed to fast for three days while my ex-wife was recovering in the
hospital. She has recovered fully, but emotionally will be a step by step process
for her.

Accepted a job position @ Seven Eleven as and sales associate – was able to be
A light in a dark place. The conviction of the sinful items that were being sold in
the store (cigarettes, beer, wine, lottery tickets and trashy magazines.) I felt
compelled to resign and move on.

While preparing for Jail Ministry Bible Class the Holt Spirit revealed to my
Spirit that He was going to ask me to leave the country soon. I did not know
where the Lord wanted me to go, but I was just patiently waiting for further
instructions. A couple days later the Lord revealed to me that He was calling
me to go to the Philippines soon. Well I had the call and country but not the city.
Well a week later after prayer and fasting the Holy Spirit revealed to me that
once I arrived in the Philippines to pray & fast and He would direct me where
I should start. In three years after being in the Philippines He would open all
necessary doors for me to relocate to Cebu City, Philippines.

My 30 days spend in jail – I was stopped while driving sometime in September
due to my driving license being suspended (child support reasons). I spent two
days in the Manatee County Jail. I went to court for the charge on 10/25/2006.
I didn’t know what type of sentence that I would get I just trusted in my Lord
Jesus Christ and I was given 30 days @ Manatee County Jail. It was an
awesome experience. The Lord used me in a mighty way. I was transferred
inside the jail three times. Each time I didn’t know why until the Lord revealed
it to me. I was able to share my testimony along with the Gospel of Jesus Christ
to many people there that I would not have met otherwise. I am currently
waiting for the Lord to open the necessary doors to allow me to leave
the country to answer His call. I will be working @ the Philippines spreading
the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the jails/prisons over there.
In three years time after arrival there in the Philippines I will settle in
Cebu City, Philippines to plant a Church and start a World – Wide Prison Ministry.
The one thing that I understand is that the Lord is allowing me to go through
so many trials & tribulations to strengthen my faith in Him, so that He can
use me in a mighty way to bring Him all the glory, honor & praise.
In closing; I know that I have gone through these things in 2006 alone that
most people in this world don’t go through or not all in one years time. I can
say through it all the Lord Jesus Christ has always been with and blesses me
with help from the Brother’s & Sister’s in His family. He continues to in-fill
me with His peace, joy, love, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,
meekness, temperance. I feel a lot like David while Saul was chasing him around
trying to kill him so that he could not take his throne. I JUST WANT TO DO

I will continue to stand on the following Biblical verses

Peter said to Him, “We have left everything to follow you! And Jesus answered
And said verily I say unto you, there is no man that hath left house, or brethren,
Or sister, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for My sake and
the Gospel’s but he shall receive an hundred-fold now in this time, houses, and
brethren, and sisters, and mothers, and children, and lands, with persecutions;
and in the to come eternal life.
Mark 10:28-30 KJV


My Call to Las Vegas, Nevada “Sin City – USA” – R. Nolen Miller

After leaving Bradenton, Florida I was blessed by being able to spend two weeks with my two boys in Ocala, Florida. I was able to start a Bible study with them and we all were highly blessed because of it. I then left Florida and went back home to Downingtown, Pennsylvania to visit my family and friends. I had a very good time seeing and spending time with my family and friends back home. I knew in my heart that back home in Pa was not The Lord’s final stop for my life here on earth. I went to the Lord by prayer & fasting by revelation The Holy Spirit put three places in my Spirit to possibly go to. They were Las Vegas, Nevada, Phoenix. Arizona and San Diego, California. I had no idea which place the Lord wanted me to go to. Later that night during a conversation with my first wife, she wanted me to come back to Florida, but she said something that hit my Spirit. She asked did I want to leave Pennsylvania because of temptation to fall into sin? My response to her was that my place of birth had no lure on me as far as temptation into sin. After that phone call the Holy Spirit quicken my Spirit to that conversation, then the Holy Spirit put Las Vegas, NV “Sin City” into my Spirit. At that time I knew that The Lord was calling me to Las Vegas, NV and to be honest with all of you, I had no desire to go to Las Vegas, NV but my life is not my own it’s God’s to use as He see’s fit to. While the Lord was revealing His Will for my life, I recevied this powerfull email that said “The Will of God will never take you where The Grace of God will not protect you!” Amen! Now in Las Vegas, Nevada “Sin City” to answer God’s next call for my life. I stayed in a Christian based homeless shelter for two weeks. I now have been in my own apartment “Rent Free” since October 2007 . By Revelation The Holy Spirit has revealed the following to my Spirit “My time in Las Vegas, NV is a short time (One Year) to prepare me for Cebu City, Philippines. Away from family & friends totally submitting to God for provision in all area’s.

My stay in Bradenton, Florida was about Homelessness & Christian Fellowship

My Stay in Downingtown, Pennsylvania was about Homelessness & False Religion

My Stay in Las Vegas, Nevada is about Homelessness, False Religion & Sexual Immority

Cebu City, Philippines will be about the only thing The Lord Jesus Christ is calling me to be;

Minister to the Homeless, those trapped in False Religion and those trapped in Sexual Immority.

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