Protected by God during Assault


Protected by God during Assault

Dear Marlies,

My name is Sofia. I was reading Genesis a few nights ago, and Joseph's Egyptian name, "Zaphenath-Paneah" stuck in my head…as have many other portions of the Bible. I was searching the Internet for that name, when I came across your story. At first I was just interested in finding out about the Egyptian tablet…but then I started to read your story. It made me cry, and I asked God to help strengthen me.

I am just starting out as a Christian and am taking my first steps (with God's guidance & patience) to become bold in the Word and to witness to people about Christ. Your boldness is an inspiration. Last month, God revealed to me that I must have my heavenly "wedding" (conversion and baptism) before my earthly one (if there is to be one…although I am not currently seeing anyone). This went against everything I had planned for my life, but I accepted and asked for Jesus to come in to my heart. I have had the inward baptism and now would like to have the outward one. Some people have been dismayed that I wish to get baptised at any church and attend Christian churches of different denominations. It's not just about a church, but I am resolved to "first seek the kingdom of Heaven". They think I should belong to a specific church, before I try to get baptised. To me, it's not about the church – as long as they do not promote false doctrine-, it's about God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). When speaking with these people, I'm reminded of Acts 8:26-40 where Philip is sent to a eunuch and later near some water the eunuch asks Philip if there is anything preventing him from being baptised, and Philip said 'No', so the eunuch was baptised.

With God's help last month, I began cleaning the inside of the cup as well as the outside.

I have a miracle that has happened in my life that I would like to share with you. In September 2000 at about midnight, I was sitting in a park in Chicago with Victor. Two young men approached us from behind with guns and put them to our heads. I stood up. A voice in my heart calmed me and told me not to fear, that we would be safe, but in my mind I thought that it must be wrong…this was it. The two men demanded money and pistol-whipped Victor several times in the face and head. I thought he would have his glasses smashed and broken teeth and bones from how they were hitting him. One of them told me twice to lie on the ground, which I did not do. Instead I sat back down on the park bench. The men became increasingly violent and at the moment I believed they were about to shoot Victor, I asked them not to hurt or kill him and tried to distract them by offering the camera I was carrying telling them it was very expensive and they could get a lot of money for it.I was thinking that they only way out of this is if someone else came along.

A few moments later, a man named Scott came riding by on a bike and the criminals told us not to say anything. I put my head down but made eye contact with Scott and sent a silent plea to him to help us. Then I put my hands down as if I was stopping a bike, and he stopped and asked what was going on. At that moment, one of the men said "Kill them all", and then there was a flash. I did not hear anything, but I thought a gun had gone off and I wasn't sure if Victor or Scott were shot, so I turned my back and waited for my bullet because earlier I had thought in my mind that I wanted to share the same fate. But no shots had been fired.

After the flash, the criminals ran in one direction and Victor and I in another while Scott called 911. I could not run with the shoes I had on, so I took them off and ran across the street in my bare feet. While we were waiting for the police, Scott, who was wearing a St. Peter's Cathedral T-shirt, said he has been protected by angels all his life. I was struck in my heart when I heard him say that because I had thought that too, so I asked him to repeat it to Victor. With the police, Scott, Victor, and I came back to the park minutes later to see what could be recovered. Scott was determined that we find everything right away so the healing process could begin. We found everything except one of Victor's lenses which had popped out while he was being pistol-whipped. Scott said he would return in the morning to look for Victor's lens if it was not found that night, but we still searched for a few more minutes finally in my heart I said to God, I will get down on my knees, now please let me glorify you by finding the lens while I am on my knees. I knelt down and found the lens right in front of me. Scott did not know what I had thought in my mind, but he said as I held it up, "Praise, God". Scott's exclamation made me go weak.

A few hours later Scott called us at the hotel shared an incredible story of God's love and power and asked us to read Psalm 91. While I was talking to Scott, Victor was cleaning his face. Amazingly, for all the blows dealt to him, Victor had virtually no marks. Just a small bruise on his eye and a cut lip. Scott also spoke with Victor and told us that afterwards he felt the chain he was wearing, which I believe he said had some medallions of saints on it, was burning. That night Victor asked me a question I have always dreaded being asked. He asked me if I believed in God. My mind was jumbled and I was afraid, so I said I didn't know and then said probably not, but said I have always felt protected all my life.

There is no excuse for what I said. I had forgotten that God had been with me the whole time of that event, answered all my prayers, and preserved my life and Victor's. After all that, I don't know what possessed me to say such an ignorant thing. I regret it to this day. I guess I felt that if I admitted that God had helped me, I would have to start seeking Him and put God first. Which I am in the process of doing now.

The next day, Victor and I figured out that the flash was the camera flash. Later that evening, I asked Victor's mother to read Psalm 91 to us.

I thank the Lord for his many mercies and hope to be acceptable in His eyes.

Thank you,

Sofia Subonj

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