Prophets and Prophecies

I would like to open a forum which is much debated in our society. First of all, what does it mean by the term prophets and prophecies? Is it written in Bible the Holy Book of Christ that during the last days some prophets will be born, who will tell us of new prophecies? Does the people who actually claim that they speak prophecies in the name of God know exactly what they are speaking and when will they be fulfilled? Are they trying to add anything which is strictly forbidden at the end of the Book of Revelation? Is not the Bible complete in itself that someone need to add something to it?

I’m telling you it is not the time when new things will be written but it is the time when what is written will be revealed and will be fulfilled. And revealing does not mean in metaphors but in plainness. Something which is the truth and the truth is always bitter to man in iniquities because it will prick his heart like a sharp arrow because he had filled it with deceptions.

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