Practical Christian Ministry

Its important to understand the difference between principles and methodologies. Godly principals must be respected, methods can and do change.

The methodologies discussed here are hopefully according to sound principles. However, the Lord may lead you to do things in a different way as you serve Him. That is the part of the freedom of the Spirit we have as Christians. God forbid that the church of God should become a kind of spiritual MacDonalds (TM).

The principle of dependence upon the Lord must underlie all our service for the Lord. However, the Lord is often pleased to bless the use of methods based upon sound wisdom. If you can do these things in faith, you can expect God’s blessing. They have worked for me and others.

  1. Bill Subritzky Pamphlets · Pamphlets containing highly relevant teaching notes on subjects of great practical value like deliverance, healing, breaking curses, the anointing, evangelism and more. These may be reproduced except for commercial purposes. · [14]
  2. Home Group Growth · Here are some principles and practical suggestions which if practiced should contribute to a successful home cell group.
  3. Moving In The Supernatural · There are basic keys to moving in the supernatural of God. We need to know the voice of God and obey Him. Some keys to this are discussed here.
  4. Occult Check List · A list of occultic things, false religious movements and things closely associated with the occult. Demons can enter a person through involvement with any of these things.
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