Old time Religion

I went from 0 to wide open when I found God to be real. After my first encounter with the power of the HolyGhost,it was as if I woke up in a whole new world,where what was the everyday became an adventure in seeing and hoping to see,what is God going to do next ! I began reading and praying and the fire of the HolyGhost was so strong inside,even when in anger,once I was about to lose my temper at my wife,and suddenly,fire began to jump inside of me as to say stop,it was so undescribable,It made me laugh,all my anger was gone. then another time,I was about 27 ,didn’t make much money,only had 1 kid then,we were invited to go to the mountains with her family,but I didn’t have money enough for all of us,so I said for my wife and kid to go,I would stay home, well they did,so I stayed home,reading and praying,then decided on the weekend to visit my mom,but she lived 60 miles away, I had at that time,a 73 chev impala,which had hardly no gas in it,dead on E, I had 1 dollar, I prayed for about 1 hour for God to send me a side hussle,sometimes someone wanted a car fixed,so I would for extra cash. but no one came,as I read,and thought,My God is not my imagination,he is the owner of the cattle and the hills, so I said God by faith I am going to my moms,so I put paper over the gas guage,and took off,I road about 30 miles and a store was by the road,so I stopped and put the 1 dollar I had,and road on,by the time I was about 10 miles from my mother’s,I was praising God and feeling the power and joy. where there is no way,God makes a way, many more things I later was blessed to do with God backing me up 200 percent.

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