Old time religion 2

Many times we are tried and tested,but we cannot stop,It seems the closer you try to get to God,the more the ememy trys to cause us to give end and back off,all of us who have been at 1 time or another faced that,but the greater the battle the greater the victory will be,I remember a little girl that was close kin to my pastor,she was bed ridden for years,her parents sometimes would take her to church but they were not saved. When my preacher,told me she said how she would like to go to school again,but was too sick. for 2 years she was bed ridden. well it touched my heart. so I took it on myself to try to help, when your hungry to see God work and a heart for the weak,we have 2 choices,either get into it.or run away and try to tell yourself its none of your business. Anyway, I can’t seem to run,when something like this gets to me. I began a fast for her,whom I don’t know,Every day I would ask the preacher how was she doing,he’d say about the same. so I continued,days went by,weeks went by,nothing,the pressure to quit was all over me! I only drank,no food,at all,then on the 29th day,the liitle girl rode the school bus to school,for the 1st time in over 2 years, God is still on the throne, glory to God,

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