Observations concerning a recent Witnessing Experience

I took the initiative while at the shops to talk about the gospel with an older man.

I did this simply by asking him after some initial pleasantries “Were you brought up with faith in God?”

He had a Catholic background, and he thought God is “All forgiving, all loving”. Actually this is not in harmony even with official Roman Catholic doctrine, let alone the New Testament. It is a TRAGEDY that people can go all their lives through church and be ignorant of foundational doctrine.

Once you start talking with strangers about Christ, and the gospel, and you hear their responses, you may well get what we sometimes call “a burden for souls”. I think one reason we don’t do it is that we want to kid ourselves that we don’t have an ABSOLUTE SPIRITUAL CATASTROPHE on our hands.

Of course God does forgive, but it is conditional. The Bible clearly states, for example, that if we (even as Christians) refuse to forgive others their sins, GOD will not forgive us! Even worse, GOD will hand us over to tormentors. See Matthew 18:35 or thereabouts.

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