not going back, out of the darkness

There is a light of hope for me. I have experienced a lot in the 44 years I have lived. I am posting for the first time. My past has been rocky. These eyes have witness years of depression and just hell. As a child I had no connection to god. My childhood was filled with parents addictions, secrets and
way to much for a 3 year old girl to comprehend or put words to. I so desire to accept god into my heart. I have lived mostly in my head, swirling highs and lows. I was so angry inside and did not accept god as loving. I have never given up, I would say I am strong. Now as a mother of two lovely children, I desire to open my heart and receive Gods love, I want my children to have that as well. I am sifting through broken memories. There is a lot of
life left to live.

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