My Prayers

When I own a moment
A moment to kneel down my legs
And a moment to bow down my head
A moment to overwhelm my heart
To worship and praise
The Holy One in whom
I have immortal faith

O what will I say?
Or what will I ask?
For He is the author of my life
He knows all my needs
And accordingly fulfills all my desire
Bestowing His grace on the path of my life
Pouring His blessing as I search for His light

In His praise, I have no words to express
All that I do in His will
Is a token of His praise.
I adore you, O the love of my life
I fall at thy feet
To worship thy supreme majesty
And to surrender to thy mercy seat

Embracing humanity into thy loving arms
On cross you gave the everlasting sacrifice
Every one having faith in you
Is save and secure in thy loving arms
I give glory to your Name
As I offer my prayers
To the Holy One in whom
I have immortal faith

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