More shocking atrocities from Hindus – now in Karnataka

Please pray the Christians in Karnataka state, India. The situation of Christians in Karnataka is not good, although the central government has put pressure on the Hindu state government to rein in their goons. The RSS and BJP are planning more violence against Christians.

Yesterday there were many attacks on churches in different parts of Karnataka.

Few churches in Bangalore (Yelahanka and Yeshwanthpur) were also been attacked by RSS. They have demolished churches in Mangalore and Udupi Districts at the same time. 18 churches have been completely banned in Davengare Dist. Government is planning to put an end to all the home churches in Karnataka. Government is also planning to stop the visit of Joyce Meyer to Bangalore in January 2009 and create problems during that time.

Please pray for New Life Church in Karnataka .Anti Christians are trying stop the entire ministry here

Orissa Christians are under terrific threat. Local Christians are not allowed to stay in the villages they have taken shelter in the surrounding forests as the villagers compel them to worship idols if they come out. Also there is no safety for any Christian in these places. Many Christians had been killed and burnt alive. Houses of believers and churches are being torched. There is no support from the Government.

One believer was cut into 3 pieces after he refused to deny Jesus. His wife was gang raped in front of his eyes before killing him. And she her throat was also slit and left in the house. A pastor was kidnapped and was drove 80 kns from his village all the while being hit and abused. They took him into a temple put the kumkum and thiruneer on his forehead and then he was taken to another place were he escaped. The people in the jungle have no food to eat and are surviving the rainy weather. One family had to run away into the jungles with the young and old after the villagers came to know that they were Christians. On the way the old father broke his leg and they could not rescue him they had to leave him there and never saw him again.

There are too many stories like this happening in Orissa. Please pray that the Lion of Judah will rule over these places.

Name of source has been withheld to protect his identity.

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