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This is also another thing that I do remember from being a young girl in it. The issue of getting Married is a pushed thing and I do know of many girls being called in to the bishop & being told that they would find them a husband. Especially to a returned missionaries in their so called Temple Marriage. They tell the girls they only have hope of defeating evil if they are married to a man in their temple. No one is allowed in their temple without a reccommend from their bishop & one above him. Who are they to tell a young person that? Women deserve to know who they truely are in Christ. They are given a new name & told that they won’t rise from the Grave unless their husband calls their name & then Heaven for them is being eternally pregnant. To someone who had a hard time carrying babies; That sounds like Hell. What are they going to do when they run out of planets for all these men to populate? I think the temple garments are also so silly, they look like an italian chef with hat included & they have aprons for them to resemble fig leaves like Adam & Eve had & they symbolizes the Fall of Man from the Grace of God. We are told to wear the armor of God. They have changed many of their temple rituals including secret handshakes & many of their origional traditions. If any one is interested in the truth behind the morman church, look up a story of the Mountain Meadows Massacre. It is Horrible. Also they are very well versed at teaching others in the attitude of, Do as I say, not as I do. Joseph Smith taught that the Church of God had fallen & that it was handed down to him from “this story has changed through the years”, God & Jesus, jesus & an Angel or 2 Angels. Take your pick. He also Died with a Gun in his hand & had shot others. So he was not a Martyr. Brigham young made prophecies as well, he Did predict that men would land on the Moon! Yet he also said that it would be populated by 10 foot tall Quakers. I waS taught that a prophet was known by his prophecy, and that his prophacies must all comme to pass. They are also steaped in half truths and plegerized bible verses. If it isn’t All truth than it is a LIE. I do oftEn say to them when they say that they were sealed in the Temple,”How did you get out?” I Also have heard of So many of their ceramonies are from Masonic rituals. And Joseph Smith was one of them at one time. In fact the Salt lake City Temple has Satanic Symbols on it. Like the all seeing eye & the upside Down Star. Yes the temple grounds are well kept, but outside appearance is not what God is Looking for, He searches the human heart. They believe that Christians are jealous of them. I was once one of them & I am deffinately not jealous. I feel hurt that they place such limits on God & his Spirit and that they teach a diffferent Jesus than the jesus we know. In fact I have a brother who is in their religion, but he is in no way better, it hurts to see how he has shunned so many of his family. Yet I have still placed my faith in our God on High he says that his sheep hear his Voice. I pray for my brother & his family & for the many who are parishing Time is short. Burning in your bossum isn’t love. You are supposesed to feel clean when you have been washed in the blood of the Lamb. & I had that same burning. It is plainly a feeling of lust, NOT LOVE. And it is not God causing this burning. It is a Lie! & Satan has always been a liar. Please research the history of the LDS religion “ study what the bible says don’t rely on only a feeling. Because I have had feelings lie to me & I’m certain many have also had the same experience. Love your sister in Christ. Annette

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