mental breakdown of husband is hurting us

I am currently separated from my husband but we have been on friendly terms and speak of reconciling with counseling.About a month or so ago, he out of the blue told me he had thought someone had been bothering things around his place over the past few days,seeing things,shadows moving and such,He thought he heard people laughing at him,in a mocking way,it was in the tone of the laugh..he said he walked out toward where it was coming from,the edge of the yard,(and this is way out in the country) to get a better look and he said there were demons there facing him, 4 or 5 of them.He did say out loud”I rebuke you in the name of Jesus.” He said they all immediately left as in,flew up,all but the one in the front.He said it had a defiant,challenging,smirking look on his face.He said to it..”I see you” and went to step toward it and as he did it spread wings,flew toward and over his head,back over and up and as his eyes are following it up into the sky,he said the sky was full of them.It really scared him,now whether that really happened or not,I do not know.IThat is the only part of this that Im pretty sure happened.he has been dealing with depression over the loss of his job,our home was foreclosed on,he developed a dependency on prescription pain pills from a neck injury.He also developed a drinking problem a few years ago when the problems started and we quit going to counseling,when the affairs wouldn’t stop though praise God he quit drinking a few months ago..I know all of this is bound to play into the mix. Well I tried to explain to him my take on it.the enemy is trying to ruin him and steal his pray,read his bible,talk to a pastor and so on.I even layed hands on him and prayed for him.He said when he got home that night he heard what sounded like something running away.In my mind Im thinking praise God,theyre running from the blood.
Almost the next night,he began seeing helicopters following him,people lurking in the woods,people following him down the road,hes absolutely covered with scratches from running from a perceived threat,he snapped his wrist running from something he heard walking up on him one night and it goes from bad to worse.jump to now..All he has that remains is 52 acres that he lives on now,in the home where his dad committed suicide 5 years ago,which by the way,our pastors say contributed to the first affair,it was a high school love from 20 years back who called to give him her condolences that turned into a 9 month affair..anyway,he has been staying up nights watching for and seeing people in the he thinks someone is digging tunnels under the property transporting drugs,that every little scar on a tree,trimmed limb,a water bottle,a plastic bag caught in a tree is evidence that the ”whoevers” are putting markers on his property to pick up and/or deliver drugs.I went by there the other day to check on him and he had what looked like a common weed that grows all over Texas in his hand trying to convince me it was drugs.I and my 19 yr old son have been cursed to no end because we try to tell him that he is mistaken.He fled to the woods with my 9 yr old today,who was wearing flip-flops,into deep woods hiding out all day with nothing to eat or drink,it was over 90 degrees and my son has asthma,he lost his flip-flops and his dad made him trek through the woods anyway,his feet are filled with stickers and thorn holes so no,he wont be going over there till this is over.There is so much more but you get the picture already I hope.
I went to the judge today and got an emergency detention order that will go into effect mon.,two days from now.I have to have him forcibly evaluated because he believes all of this is 100% real.
Whether its the depression mixed with the pills/alcohol or whatever,I believe the enemy is binding his mind by disguise..the ROOT..the cause of this is straight out of the pit of hell. He has most always relied on me to do the praying,going to church and such.He believed in what I was doing,would go occasionally and briefly,got a taste of the Holy Spirit and began living for God but fell away because I had quit trying by then. I have since repented as i believe with all of my heart that i gave up at a critical time when i should have stayed my course.It took months for this to seep in but I got mad at God for the unfairness of it,quit counseling with my pastors,quit teaching children’s church,quit church altogether and entered into an affair myself,seeking the wrong things for solace.Oh yes,I couldn’t beat him so i joined him..a real faith-filled woman of God i was…as i said,I have grieved it and repented thoroughly.I am attending church once again and rebuilding my once close relationship with my Father.My goal? to take back what was once my life, what has been destroyed,what I allowed the enemy to take only it has been one catastrophe after another and now that just as he and I were starting to get on the same page… his mind…
Please,I know we do not deserve it but someone pray for him,lift him up,this torn apart family desperately needs someone to stand up for us and help us.I spoke with one of my pastors and I believe what we have prayed for,complete restoration of his mind and this family restored.This has been a five year nightmare that the enemy is fighting tooth and nail.i know that i am fighting from victory but i also know i need support.Guys please,remember us.God has something great in store for this family and i want t be a testimony one day of a restored family.One who has triumphed over about every destructive thing imaginable in the past 5 of a 21 yr.marriage…affairs,pornography addiction,drug and alcohol abuse,drivers license lost because of that,our children bearing the scars of our family falling apart,emotional and physical abuse,a child of an affair born into this,foreclosure of our dream home,job loss,financial ruin,reputations and credit..ruined, YET, We can both now say we do still love one another and we both believe that God has meant for us to be together,only now we can say it at the same time,always before,one or the other was going through bitterness when the other wanted reconciliation.
I will stand MY ground this time,i will NOT give in until i know for certain that God has released me from this.i know the enemy is attacking weak areas….please stand with me and pray for us.
Please be lifting us up in prayer,that i make wise choices in how I handle this,that it doesnt fall on my children in a generational way,that I remain strong in the Lord,that the warring angels are fighting on our behalf,that my husbands mind is healed and the enemy has no foothold and he is completely defeated..utterly..Thank you.

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