Items/Cash returned after robbery

It was the weekend and I had a bit too much to drink at my friends 25th birthday party in New York City. I don’t recollect leaving the bar and I when I reached my apt in NYC, three guys including a girl helped me to the apt (they came right inside the apt where I live with my sister). When I woke up in the afternoon, I realized my watch and Ipod on me and so was a $110 in cash from my wallet missing. The shades in my apartment which I had recently purchased for $275 was also missing.

I read the bible daily every morning. When I opened the Bible, my eyes directly fell on the passage Jeremiah 15:13, (I will let your wealth and your treasures be handed over to plunderers, not for a price but because of all your sins within your frontiers). Later there is a passage wherein God will have mercy if you turn back to him. Further evidence to me that this was God trying to tell me something, was the fact that I normally never have so much cash in my wallet.

My sister then reminded me the previous day about the following incident that took place. I was frustrated with being unable to get a refund for my dishwasher which would periodically stop working. I had called up the person/manager and literally cursed her saying that she will loose many times what I have lost and also sent her an email. I then realized my mistake, I drove to Riverside drive overlooking the Hudson river, looked upto heaven and cried out to Jesus to forgive me of my sin and I would never repeat this ever. I had tears in my eyes. That very night I went up to the terrace of the building that I live in, when I met a guy (let me name him person A). I narrated to him the incident that took place earlier in the morning. I had called the cops over but didn’t file any report as they asked me to wait for the security tapes in the lobby. I mentioned this to “Person A”. Little did I know that he was one of the people who had helped me to my apt. The very next day “Person B”, a 17yr old guy returned my shades back. He asked me what other stuff was missing. I told him, if they return my stuff back, I won’t file a police report. Over the course of one month they returned me back the remainder of the items i.e. my watch, $110 cash which was missing. They couldn’t get my Ipod back so I asked for $60 in cash which they returned. During this one month, I had to deal with having patience. At one time, I specifically I wanted to file a police report even though I still didn’t have the tapes but had sufficient evidence. After praying I felt I need to have mercy. I also had to pray for anger and control over alcohol. Though I’m 27yrs, I just started drinking alcohol last year but I need to have a limit. Oh! I also wrote an apology letter to the manager, after which she decided to take an active role in getting my refund processed.

God need’s to correct us sometimes, and it can be pretty hard but it’s totally worth it. All praise and glory belongs to Jesus !

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