It was a little over ten years ago when Jesus woke me in middle of night and called me to be a watchmen!

The Lord woke me up in the middle of the night back in 1999 and gave me this word. When He gave it to me I did not even understand how serious it was. But I knew this was a message he wanted me to speak!
I was re-reading this today and my oh my. My heart just began to ache for the condition of God’s people. Here is the word God gave me over ten years ago. I thought it might speak to some of you out there! And I was curious for feedback!

So many of us as Christians confess Jesus Christ as Lord, but is He really Lord of our lives, or are we merely pretending obedience to Him with our Lips. Jesus life was a road map for our lives. It cost Jesus everything for our salvation. Will it not cost you everything to lay hold of eternal life? Jesus said to follow Me. But who have we chosen to follow after? Are you laying up for yourself treasure in heaven or treasure on earth? Are you seeking peace and safety in this lifetime or are you prepared for war? Jesus came to start a war and set the prisoners free. Jesus came with the sword (His Word) to set man against his wife, children against their parents, parents against their children, neighbor against neighbor. Who are you willing to offend with the gospel of Christ? Jesus was constantly about doing the will of the father. Who’s will or desires are you seeking to please? Is it your own? How much time do you spend a week sitting in your living room worshiping and practicing idol worship?

My Bible says we serve a jealous God who will have no other gods before Him. If you are practicing idol worship you are walking in harlotry and you better repent. It will send you to hell because Jesus will not marry harlots. You better confess it and turn from it or you will be destroyed. You can not serve two masters. For you will hate the one and love the other or you will despise the one and hold fast to the other. You can not serve the Heavenly Father and your television. Where is your heart? Would you rather worship the Dallas Cowboys or ladies is it Brad Pitt. Are you seeking the well being of the Texas Rangers or are you about the Father’s business.

We call ourselves blessed and children of the King. Are we really blessed? Do we love the Lord with all our hearts. Are we denying or enabling the flesh in our lives? Are we taking up our cross daily to follow in Christ footsteps, or have we chosen to walk under a curse. Are we risking being spewed out of the Lord’ mouth and being destroyed for eternity because our hearts are divided.

Who told you, that you could seek the approval of God and man? It was not the Father! It was not Jesus! It was not the Spirit of Wisdom (Holy Spirit)! Who are you living in fear of? Are you more concerned more about what your boss thinks? What you wife thinks? What your husband thinks? What your children think? What your mom and dad think? What your friends think? Do you not know that if you die in this lifetime while seeking after the approval of man you will spend a eternity in hell? Are you afraid of losing your reputation? I am warning brothers and sisters that you can not take your reputation to heaven. You better lose your reputation on this earth. Jesus became a man of no reputation; why do you think you deserve one? Quit seeking after words of praise and lose your reputation. When you concern yourself with your reputation; you are refusing to put the boastful pride of life to death in your life, and therefore have a divided heart and are trying to serve two masters. It will send you to hell.

Are you keeping your eyes and focus on Jesus or are you being weighed down and distracted by the worries and circumstances of the world? Are you distracted by the worries of your employer? Are you distracted by the worries of your family? When you focus on the circumstances and worries of this world you get redirected from the straight and narrow way every time. You then end up on the broad path gospel that leads to destruction. You can not remain on that path, but once you lose sight of Jesus it becomes very easy for you to be misled and deceived. Deceived means you think you are walking in truth still so often times you will even quicken the pace even so you can catch up to Jesus, not realizing He went 180 degrees the other direction way back yonder. There is a way that seems right to man, but in the end it leads to destruction. Have you chosen to put your faith and trust in a man, or a religious doctrine that you believe to be following Jesus or are you seeking a one on one relationship with Jesus with all of your heart? Are your steps ordained by God leading you to suffer and die to the flesh or are they chasing after the desires or lust of the flesh?

Dear brothers and sisters, what hidden sins have you tucked away in your heart that you think is not that bad. Do you know that Jesus is coming back for a spotless and blameless bride clothed in the righteous acts of the saints? What does your clothing look like? Has Satan deceived you and stolen your garments? Jesus is not going to marry a dirty bride that has defiled herself by practicing harlotry. Is there anything in your life you might want to confess and turn away from today? Are you ready to stand before the Lord today undefiled and blameless? What would the Lord say to you if you where to stand before Him today? Well done my good and faithful servant, or perhaps would He tell you plainly; depart from me you worker of iniquity for I never knew you!

Does Jesus possess all of you heart? Or is your heart divided over a big house, nice cars, new furniture, new clothes? Are you storing up for your self treasure from J.C. Pennies or Macey’s. Or are you storing up for your self treasure in heaven? What are the idols in your home? How big are they? Are they perhaps 19”, 27”, 32” or maybe 65” surround sound, picture in picture. Maybe your idols are called Tommy Hilfiger or start out precious. Have you let any of your stuff become a idle in your life? How much of your heart belongs to Jesus. Where is your hearts desire and treasure? If Jesus has less than all of your heart it is not enough. When is your favorite time of the day? Is it when you get on your hands and knees and humble yourself before the Lord, or is getting in God’s word for your Spiritual food and revelation. How many of you out there favorite time of the day is sport center on ESPN. Maybe its during movie time or dinner time. Maybe your favorite time is beer-thirty.

Who are teaching your children to chase after. Are you teaching your children to worship Jesus with all of their heart, or are you teaching them to idolize Tiger Woods. Maybe you are teaching them to idolize Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie. Maybe you are teaching them to idolize their reputation, their pastor, or Troy Aikman. Maybe you have taught them to idolize a singer, doctor, or money. Do you and your children want to be like Jesus Christ. They mocked and ridiculed Jesus and his family. They called him the devil. He was homeless, He had no basically no possessions except the close on His back. He did not have a bed to call His own. They spit on Jesus, they beat Jesus, He did not revile when being reviled. He did not defend Himself, and demanded no respect, when He was treated like the scum of the earth. Lastly they crucified Jesus. These are all of the things they did to Jesus while He lived. Is that the Jesus you are teaching your children to idolize? Is that the Jesus who’s footsteps you long to follow? Did Jesus concern himself with His desires or wants? Absolutely not! He was always about His father’s business. Jesus went from city to city proclaiming the gospel and message of repentance. He only did what His Father told Him to do. The fruit of a believer followed Him. Every where He went; He was healing the sick, casting out demons, and setting the captives free. What fruit did you bear, if any, for the kingdom of God today? Did the true signs follow you?

So you really want to become a child of God. Jesus was a child of God and said follow me and do it like this. Peter said we where called for the purpose of suffering like Christ did. That is the purpose with which we where called. You still want to follow Christ and be child of God. It will cost you your life. They killed Jesus, and persecuted anyone who followed after Him. The Bible says all that all desire to live Godly will be persecuted. Are you being persecuted? Why not? That might be a problem. Okay it is actually a serious problem that boils down to a divided heart. When you have a divided heart you will not want to go to the cross, and will always look for a way to save your life, and keep from dying to the flesh. When you save your life you will lose it. You ready to die for what you believe in? Looking like a spotless bride yet? Take up your cross and follow Christ. Many are called but few are chosen.

God loves the sinner , but He absolutely hates the sin and will not have any part with it whatsoever. He loves us so much that He gave us the perfect sacrifice for our sins. It was His Son who also became the curse for our sin, but He also became our roadmap out of a life of sin. It was not enough that Jesus died for our sin, but he also had to show us how to live. It was not enough that God forgave our sins, but He commanded us to stop sinning. Jesus said overcome sin just like I did and I will leave my Spirit, as your helper, to lead you to walk in obedience to My Words.

God also commanded us to become a new creation where old things where passed away or put to death and all things where to become new. Are you walking in newness of Life? Have you turned away from your old way of life or sin or are you still caught up feeding your flesh? That is double minded. Do you really think you can worship Hollywood and Jesus? Are you willing to risk life eternal and take that chance? Are you willing to risk life eternal for a little pleasure, peace, and safety in this lifetime. Are you selling your birthright for life eternal for food and drink in this lifetime? That’s a huge risk! Is it worth it.

If God demanded perfection from His very own Son and it was the Father’s will for that Son to give up His life and die for our spiritual condition, then why do you think that God is going to give you a free pass? It does not make sense to me. What makes you so special; that you feel that Jesus will over look your harlotry if you continue in a life of sin. He did not overlook religious leaders sins when He walked this earth 2000 years ago but you think for some reason He is going to make an exception for you. Look brothers and sisters, if you think God is going to allow you to serve your flesh, play religious games, and pretend obedience to Him you are in for a rude awakening. You are living under a curse and not a blessing. Your master is Satan and you will receive the same reward as your father (Satan) unless you repent and turn away from your wickedness.

Unlike man, God is completely unimpressed with the elegance of words, or the wisdom and wealth of man. It does not matter how much lip service you give God; He still demands obedience. You would be better off cutting out your tongue, than to tell God you will obey, and then choosing to willfully disobey. You are storing up a reward of destruction and wrath for eternity when you pretend obedience. Also unlike man, God completely ignores your flattering lip service to Him and judges the intentions of your heart. If you are not seeking His kingdom first and His righteousness; God knows and will judge you accordingly.

We gasp at the moral filth and decay of this nation. We stand amazed at the rise of vicious hate crimes, abortions, and homosexuality in this country. However, God is pointing His finger directly at the church and holding the church responsible. The church has allowed so much compromise and filth into it’s body and has not addressed it’s own abominations. It is by definition, the very essence o a prostitute and whore. God is completely disgusted. He likens us to Sodom and Gomorrah, except that even Sodom was far more righteous than most of our churches today. We are worse off. Judgment starts with the house of God and you better believe brothers and sisters it is coming.

As a church we have made it popular to be a Christian. We had to make doctrines of demons and religious traditions of men to do it. Some doctrines even accept homosexuality into their doctrine. What kind of sick depravity and wickedness have we turned to where we say you can practice homosexuality and love Jesus to. As a church we have justified compromise and allowed almost every sinful abomination under the sun into the church body. Idol worship is common practice in the church of America. We justify our televisions, computers, favorite sports teams, clothes, houses, cars, and whatever else our flesh craves. The church is storing up wrath for the day of judgment. Meanwhile the hirelings who call themselves pastors, prophets, and teachers are saying no harm is going to come to you. We serve the incredible barney Jesus. He wont let anyone hurt you. I love you; you love me; we’re a happy family. Let’s just dance around playing the harlot and worship our purple dinosaur Jesus.

God have mercy on us! We are suppose to be in the world, but in no way are we suppose to be conformed to the image and likeness of the world. We wonder why there is no victory in the churches. Why aren’t people being delivered or healed? Get the sin out of the church! We are to be the house of prayer, but the church of America has become a den of robbers and thieves. Now we will allow anybody to come to and play church with us. If you have enough money we might even allow you to become a elder or deacon in the church. God is about to pour out his wrath on His people and this nation like never before. It is already beginning. The powers of darkness is coming against the church like never before. And why not? Satan’s telling the sheep if they will worship him; he will let them keep their precious idols and even give them more. The church of America has become the favorite hang out for demons and the powers of darkness. There are more demons in the church than out of the church. It is like one big demon family reunion, where they can come and hang out with all their buddies. God is not mocked! Whatsoever a man sows; that shall he also reap. You choose to walk in obedience to Satan, seeking the approval of man, fearing your circumstances, and feeding your flesh, then you will become just like satan.

When you choose to repent of your wickedness, confessing and turning away from your sin, then Jesus will forgive you of your sin and cleanse you of all unrighteousness.

God Bless!

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