It is Jesus’ Birthday But I get The Gift

Thank you Lord for taking care of me this year. Here it is Your birthday & I get the gifts. I have thought much about the gifts you gave me & first & foremost You poured forth Your forgiveness into my life. I struggled for years walking in sin & finally I gave up & came to You asking for forgiveness & You did not reject me but opened Your arms to me & adopted me into Your family. I am now a child of the King. It is & was the gift of grace that carried me to Your throne of repentance & the gift of grace that continues every day. Next you gave me the gift of the Holy Spirit. Because of the Holy Spirit within I am able to conquer all things. Another gift you give me are new mercies every morning. I do not have to rely on yesterday’s mercies but they are a whole new uncountable mercies. Another gift is Your love for me. I did not realize that You had a love for me until I came to you. This love is shed upon all mankind saint & sinner alike but many do not realize or care about Your love for them. Taste & see that the Lord is good & His love shall echo through eternity. Another gift is the gift of wisdom. Not the wisdom of earth but wisdom where I can understand Your Word which is absolute truth. Another gift is the gift of rest which wrapped up in the box of peace that has been bestowed upon me. When my life is in turmoil I can easily come to You & You give me peace in the circumstance. I know that all things are in Your hands & all things shall work out to bring glory to Your name. Another gift that I can rely upon is that Your presence shall be with me in every situation. Someday I shall be walking through the Valley of the Shadow of Death & You will be helping me through this unknown Valley & at the end of the Valley the promised gift of eternal life shall be wrapped up in Your glory.. Many look forward to Christmas for the gifts they will receive but these gifts will lose their luster, are easily broken or need repair. The gift may disappoint, may soon become outdated or there may be a lack of a gift but the best gift anyone any where at any time is the gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. If you have not already received His gift let it be now & not tomorrow..

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