Immanuel Lord

My heart beckons within me
Reckons the thoughts of my mind
Searching for a place to hold
Walking through the aisle of dead
Peeping through the hole of hope
Where will I hide?
From your presence O God!
For you are Immanuel Lord
I know you are here
I even find you there

My soul sings for joy
Flows your love in my veins
Every breath I take
Is in your Name Lord
Floating in the history of life
I cast all my cares on you
I know you will mould me Lord
May I be the chosen clay
To become a vessel
Filled with your glory and grace

I fear not to walk ahead
I’m assured you will there Lord
I’ve placed my being in your hands
Surrendering my entity at your feet
I honour and follow your laws
But I live by your faith
There is nothing without your grace
Darkness is without you O Lord
What I will call my own
For my Lord is Master over all

If I could write Thy praise
On all Thy creation
It will not mean a tint
To compare with Thy
Splendour and Majesty
Thy sceptre is the sceptre of uprightness
Awesome are Thy deeds
Righteous are Thy ways
Holy is Thy Name O Lord
Worthy is the Saviour of all

How humble is the King of Kings?
How merciful is the Lord of Lords?
Let me find comfort in His loving arms
Let Him tender me with kindest of words
I know neither night nor day
My Lord is my light all through my ways
Calling my name even before
He laid me in the womb of a woman
Teaching me His statutes
In my sense, even in my dreams

I will go resting in His Soul
I know, I am His very own
The engraven story of His palms
The living part of His side
Who knows the time of His Arrival?
When the trumpet shall blow?
When revelation shall pass?
But let my spirit be awake, and
Rejoice O Heaven and Earth
Surely, My Lord is coming soon!

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