I will worship the lamb of glory , I will worship the king of kings!!!

I have a wonderful joy in my heart!! I have been singing this song all day!! Yesterday was a great service! When I went up for prayer I experinced 2 hugs from the Lord. His spirtual hug and a physical hug from my pastor. As I was waiting to get prayed for I asked the Lord to hug me, to please show me how powerful he is. I also asked him to give me an open heart and to knock me down even if I resisted. The Lord is awesome and I am so thankful for him. He has come into my life at such a young age and I am so thankful.There are people who come into the Gospel at 30,50 even 80 years of age, and there are people who are suffereing and are born into other religions, and here I am, in the USA ,with a roof over my head,fortunate to belong to a wonderful church, fortuante to know the Lord. The Lords love is so great I dont understand it sometimes. No word ,poem, or phrase can ever describe the Lords love for us! He is truly a great God, and I am so grateful for his exsistance. I will live my life trying to pay him back for all he has done in my life. Lord you are my life. My greatest love, is my beautiful Lord. Days like this don’t happen everyday, so I must take advantage and express to the world how you have my soul and heart dancing! And even when I feel like your not there I will praise you still because you are ALWAYS by myside! Thank you Jesus, thank you!

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