I Protest

I was watching news on religion and ethics and I was greatly taken aback by the plans of the Vatican to exhume the body of one of their saints. Now I believe that in the Bible a saint is not a dead Christian but God’s redeemed living person. I went to CNA (Catholic News Agency) to get more information about these plans and the life of this dead man. I am greatly disturbed by what I found out. The saint is Padre Pio and he died forty years ago and these actions are in remembrance of his death.. His family is protesting the exhuming of his body and I side with his family. This is nothing but demonic actions on the part of the Catholic chuch. These are harsh words but their actions declare my statement. Pio’s body is to be displayed for several months after which it will be returned to its tomb. The Vatican had to give permission to the Archbishop who came up with this demonic idea. In the words of the archbishop “I am convinced that we have the duty to allow future generations the chance to venerate the mortal remains of Saint Pio of Pietreicina and to conserve his remains as well as possible.” The word venerate means several different things …It can mean respect, fear, adoration, reverance, esteem or worship. All these words are what we are to do with God and not a dead body. I am thinking that many Catholics will kneel or bow to the body and make the sign of the cross and that is worship.

Some more information about Pio. He is reputed to have borne the stigmata, the wounds of the cruxification on his hands, feet and side. He is also credited with more than a thousand miracles. Often he emitted the scent of flowers. He was suppose to have the ability to bilocate in other words to be in two places at once.

Just his ability to bilocate is making me question just where all his other abilities came from and the idea to display his body is nothing more than ancestral worship.

Pio was shunned by the church authorities and only after massive devotion to him did the church accept him as a saint. He is very popular in Australia and Ireland.
The Pio shrine draws close to one million people a year.

It is time for the Caholic church to stop putting their man made theologies and doctrines first and do what the Bible says and nothing more.

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