I lived through it because of My God, My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

Recently, I have undergone a very spiritual experience with clouds. I was unsure at the time if it was God or not. I saw with witnesses, “god” with a man at a gas station, “GOD”, I saw alone in my car driving on my way to the library, I “heart” you’s, 3 of them in a circular pattern with a couple at the lake, “FEARLESS”, with about 20 teenagers at the lake, and much more. I shared these experiences with them because I was unsure if I was losing my mind or something. A woman named Holly also saw what I saw. We saw initials in clouds. And we both seen JC. At first the clouds showed up what looked like TP, or TF, then it turned into a JC. The sunset was showing and these initials were in the color at the time of the horizon. When I recently asked Holly what she felt when she saw these clouds with me she stated, “I felt strange.” I never asked Holly what faith she was, but I will the next time I see her.

More importantly, during this experience I was harassed, victimized, and terrorized by a large group of people. Why? Idk, its apparently all a cover up at my expense. I am a sinner. I was not aware that I was being monitored by wires inside my home and my privacies were violated as well. I believe they may have even been accessing my home and poisoning or drugging my food or drink in the refrigerator, because I started to behave irratically. Unlike my norm. I did things I would not normally do. God has forgiven me of my sins. I repented. I also rededicated my life to Christ Jesus. I pray constantly. And when I pray the Holy Spirit comes to me immeadiately. At first, when I prayed with a Preacher, the Holy Spirit dropped me to my knee’s and than flat out face first on the floor. He has shown me signs and miracles through all of this. I can go on and on. But this is probably enough for anyone to grasp. I’ve been trying to figure it all out, but maybe I’m not supposed to? Unless the truth comes out? Jesus Christ is the truth. And they cannot hide the fact that I am alive because of his mercy. Because most women who were attacked, victimized, and terroized as I have been would have died. Or been in some hospital bed screaming. Has anyone else experinced anything like this? Because a Christian woman informed me recently that she expericed some of the same things I have. Not with clouds, but with Police harassment. Now I am trying not to be negative here. But how many women go to Police and do not get the help they need and deserve? They are to protect, not terrorize. What if God has come to me in these clouds to show and tell me, “when no one seemed to care, I did.” Why do I say this? Well, seeing Jesus spelt out in clouds and a Cross, and a J with a crown on top, tells a woman he loves her. It does for me, anyway.

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