I hurt and I love God.

i am a twenty year old young men. i just graduated this year in college. right now i am in the season of my life where all is gone…the trust of my own brother, the respect of my church mates, shame from my family,, nothing to hold but just the ultimate word and presence of God in my life.
i committed sexual immorality. i had sexual intercourse with so many women. just for the sake of satisfying my sexual urge to the point that i already took advantage of the care and love of my younger sisters in our church. That i turn their love and care for me as a way to take advantage in doing and illicit sexual thoughts in their young minds through text messages. at first i rationalize myself as a curious young men but as time passes by it turns that my flesh keeps on craving and craving for it. i did pray and cried out to God for forgiveness and deliverance about my struggle. so all the while i thought i am okay that i can i handle it and fight it.but find myself doing it again a lot more worse. i am so desperate now. the church send me off because the people i have hurt is still in trauma about about the things i have done to them. i feel like i am in exile trying to find myself. can i ask for any encouragement about my situation for this moment. thanks a lot.

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