How many will join me in praying for a revival in Mumbai, India?

We are reaching the end times as per the Bible. Everywhere there is havoc and disrest, which may be due to natural calamities, corruption, immorality, diseases and deaths, hatred, wars, terrorism, disunity or poverty and debt. The church and believers body too is facing its share of calamities and disasters. This is a sign of the end times. As per the Bible, many will lose their faith and godly love. (Mathew 24:12, Luke 18:8) God’s commandments and instructions which were kept and followed earlier , may not be given as much importance as before. The hearts of the Pastors and shepherds may not be bleeding for lost souls and for their sheep as before. God’s ministry may have become commercialized in many ways. Its purity and integrity may have been lost in the long run. God’s people may be compromising with the world and the devil in their everyday lives. As a result, the Holy Spirit may have moved out of people’s lives, families, churches and ministries, leaving a chance for the devil to take dominion over these areas. It is in this scenario that the few anointed ones who are only a minority among the vast body of believers, have to take over, to save God’s kingdom, his ministry and his name from disgrace, defeat and destruction. As it is evident, the churches, families, ministries and the world in general, are ripe for a revival. A ‘Christian revival’ is a term that generally refers to a specific period of increased spiritual interest or renewal in the life of a church congregation or many churches, either regionally or globally. But all those who are called born again believers do not have the qualifications to pray and to be a part of a revival. There are a selected few whom God has qualified for this who can turn the world upside down and do exploits for God.
They are the ones who have passed through the storm and the fire, those who have taken up their crosses and have followed Christ, those who have become dead to the world and have become alive in Christ, those who have lost their lives for Christ’s sake, those who have lost family members for Christ’s sake, those who have fought strong spiritual battles against the enemy and have succeeded, those who have received the dungeon and the wilderness training, those who are fully equipped with God’s armour, those who are ready to take that careful destroying aim against the enemy, those for whom God’s instructions are commands to be followed immediately, those who have a different spirit in them, those who have run away and have escaped the traps of sexual relationships and marital relationships with unbelievers, those who have walked out in faith not knowing where they were going, those who have become the dung of the earth for Christ’s sake, those who have been hated by everyone for Christ’s sake, those who have become fools for Christ’s sake, those who are not afraid of the enemy’s threats, those who are ready to become anything for God and those who have the fire of the Holy Spirit in them.
Mumbai is ripe for a revival. Many of the churches in Mumbai are spiritually dry and have become just organizations or Christian clubs. They are on the verge of a shutdown. Most of the so-called believers and Pastors have no more born-again experience left in their lives. They can rightly be called ‘Pseudo-Pentecostals’. Many are secretly practising witchcraft, sorcery and other rituals which God has prohibited, to meet their purposes.
I call upon everyone who has at least one or more of the above mentioned qualifications to join me to pray for and to be a part of a great revival in Mumbai, India and the world in general, one which the world has never seen before. How many of you will join me in this endeavour and how many of you have these qualifications? Those who have them and those who are interested, please get back to me. Those who are not qualified, need not respond to me. Those who think that they are qualified, may send their personal details to me (at, along with a small explanation on why they think that they are qualified in praying for a revival.

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