Holy Roller

many years ago,I was asked by a man to fix his car on Sunday,I told him,I’d rather not,maybe monday,and he got a little angry with me and he called me holy roller.well I guess I am, I believe God,period! used to didn’t,but I was convinced by God,who saved me. anyway,I believe in praying until and not accepting anything short of a real move of the Holy Ghost. It bothers me,when some say ask and believe you recieve and forget it. 5 years later its still forgotten. My grand kids have cystic fibrosis,one is 12 the other is 7,their lungs are deteriorating every day.Most cases stay weeks in the hospital with picklines and high powered antibiotics pumped in their blood,to get their lungs cleared for a little while,and then back later to do it all over again. I told a friend this,and so I say it here also,the oldest when he was 1 day old,had his intestons taken out and cleaned,they cut him across his little stomach almost in half.he died twice, I have only ever heard of 1 that God completely healed,most die before 30,I write this for a testimony to come,not only will I hear of not one,but of two more,in my lifetime,because I believe God.!! when this happens I will post it here. For this kind of faith only comes by prayer and fasting,a 15 minute prayer won;t due. People who need God to do things in their life,must seek God until he is found. There is a big gap in the church world in tarry before the Lord practices, I pray all who read this will increase their time with God,and find a miracle in their path so big,they grow leaps and bounds in faith. Nothing is to hard for God,if we only believe.

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