Hi I am new here

Hi I am new here
I believed in Jesus in Sweden, did evangelizations there, than took my 21 feet sailing boat and traveled around seas doing evangelization. On Atlantic Jesus saved my life several times and 3 times by starting the outboard engine which was under the water and stopped (wave covered it) without me pulling the start rope (the storm was too heavy to have sails on – it would tear it apart as it did in Golf de Lion few month earlier). on Canary Island where I got only thanks to Gods protection they told me they had never ever experianced such a storms and in Gibraltar they told me for 30 years they did not have such a storms.
Than I served God as a missionary in Czechoslovakia (Czech) and later on in Thailand. Finaly I served God full time in Czech republic and since some years I am just working in different jobs (now as a tourist guide in Czech) not doing much for God. So I feel like ruttening away or burrying my pound. It is as if we were in wrong place for several years but are not sure where God wants us. Therefore we prepared to move to Norway 2 years ago where I worked in marina, could preach and do evangelization – even at work, but sudenly God talked to my wife (never happened like that before unfortunatly never after) telling us not to move because terrible crisis will come and Norway and other proud countries will be worse off than Czech republic. He talked also asbout war comming, interogation and and other unpleasent things. Unfortunatly He did not say where we should go and since than we pray and ask but hear nothing.
In Czech, Churches let me preach or teach only sometimes and in such a case prohibit me to talk about
baptism in Holy Spirit or spiritual gifts. Charismaticks here are very nice, but they do not let me preach at all as I told them that if God says that he in exceptional cases punishs evil doers in Bible (often who worshiped Idols), than it is wrong from them to preach that God would never do it and in that way they deny the truthfullness of what God says ( many of them would like to have a God as a nice Teddy bear unable to judge and execute the jugement).
My testimony is on this site.
May God bless you.

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