Heal me, O Lord

O Lord, I am groaning
Severe is my pain
I cannot resist the fight with my flesh
I am sick, My heart is melting down
My enemy had attacked me
How will I defeat them?
Weakness had overtaken me
Depression had covered me
I cannot lift up my hand
Nor can I sing to your praise
How will I rejoice?
I have no strength
I am like a lifeless body
In hope I had fixed my eyes on you
I bow down at your feet
As I wait for your promise to reveal

I feel to be a burden
On those who cares for me
They look at me with sympathy
Though some mock at my plight
Where is my Comforter and my Shield?
They had asked.
Thousand times I had begged for my healing
But, you seems to be far away
My prayers and my appeal
Are bouncing back to me
Lord, I will keep on trusting you
My faith in you will remain strong
I had put my entity in your hands
I will wait for your deliverance to come
Have mercy on my O Lord
Do not deny me of your grace

In the scrolls of your book it is written Lord,
There is no God beside you
You kill and you make alive,
You wound and you heal
You promised to restore my health
You are my Comforter and Healer
Heal me, O Lord,
And I will be healed
Save me and I will be saved
For you are my praise
May I not be ashamed, nor be dismayed
And forsake me not in wilderness
But be my pillar of Strength
Carry me on eagles’ wings, take me to you
Lord, you are my Refuge and my Healer
And with your stripes I am healed

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